I Decided to

How you view setbacks will determine how far you go. Did you notice I didn’t say how you handled setbacks, but rather how you viewed them? And how you view setbacks is decided by the first thing you decideto say about them. Example: my father is a positive person, ergo he dealt with nearly everything I can recall positively, including negative things. There were very few … Continue reading I Decided to

Men at Work

Working with men has an interesting dynamic. I’m not saying I prefer it to working with women because they always smell nicer but it does have a certain feel about it that I’ve spent much of my life working around. Example: My buddy Matt and I were digging post holes in his yard with one of those motored augers and, while hanging on for dear … Continue reading Men at Work

Having Babies, and other Narrow Windows of Opportunity

Some friends of ours had a baby last night. Quite an experience if you’ve never had one.      I still remember the feeling I had the week we brought Arwen home. I was driving my work truck into the yard and said to myself “I will work as many jobs as I have to to provide for this little girl”. I still remember the … Continue reading Having Babies, and other Narrow Windows of Opportunity