I’m a Nervous Fan

My nerves don’t get the best of me too often. I’m not normally panicky or get a stomach full of butterflies, unless I’m watching Liverpool Football Club, then I’m a mess.       Most weekends I have some guys over to watch Liverpool play when the normally confident and sure-of-himself Corey transforms into a spineless, nail-biting, nervous wreck of what once (we assume) was … Continue reading I’m a Nervous Fan

I Hate Everything This Morning But My Marriage

  My first thought this morning… Ever wake up and wonder what went wrong with your marriage? I’ve done that. But this particular morning I was thinking about my marriage and just how lucky and fortunate I am. I might hate everything else, but not my marriage. I always spin the coin to look at the other side of things too and, in doing so, realized … Continue reading I Hate Everything This Morning But My Marriage