Hello Footprints and Magic Mountain

Running a daycare and/ or an elementary school would be my version of a nightmare. The only thing worse might be running a Jr High School… Our new Venue partners in Airdrie are Footprints Academy and Magic Mountain in Kings Heights and they’re amazing. I was walking through the spaces with one of the owners who said “I’m an engineer who’s now running a daycare”. … Continue reading Hello Footprints and Magic Mountain

Too Much Drama

I think some of us like a little too much drama?   There’s nothing like taking a small issue and blowing it up. In every profession, arena and home this seems to be an acceptable way of avoiding the real conversation in today’s world. It’s the ol’ “Quick! Distract them!”    When my mom used to ask “So Corey… tell me what happened?” I’m sure she … Continue reading Too Much Drama

When God asks for something he shouldn’t

What do you do when God asks for something you don’t think He should? Great question. Our response to it is not as intellectual or noble as we’d like to think… We’ve all shared the outrage when someone in our lives asked for something that they shouldn’t have. We all have regrets from giving them what they’ve wanted, you’d have to have an unusually clean … Continue reading When God asks for something he shouldn’t


You have recurring issues in some area of your life? STOP IT! Are you fighting an addiction? In the words of Bob Newhart… STOP IT!!!! (You should probably watch that Youtube video… pretty funny:) That should be the world’s shortest blog post… I wish it were that easy, I really do. I asked my amazingly optimistic and strong dad how he quit smoking all those … Continue reading STOP IT!


Have you ever said “How can a loving God _______?” This blog might help you… Neela runs into the church the other day at 8:30 am and asks for a “root beer float?” My response was “You’re not at grandpa’s house anymore baby!” Consequence is the cost of Choice and Choice requires a measure of Maturity. But in North America we treat Choice like it’s … Continue reading Choice

This is Brazil!

  In view of the recent World Cup in Brazil and also the Fast Five from Rio… I thought I’d blog about relationships:) …But this is how we do things in North America! Sometimes I think Common has taken Sense out behind the barn and shot him. Common to me are the everyday ridiculous lowest-common-denominator practitioners who think they’re absolutely right about relationships when none … Continue reading This is Brazil!