99 Problems

Yeah it’s a JAY-Z song with an amazing beat and off-limits lyrics but I came across something in the Bible the other day that reminded me of it. Sometimes we’re unwittingly obsessed with sin and its separating effect in our relationships with God and people, it exacts a toll subconsciously. From the sin/problem/addiction to its consequences, to denial/blame-shifting/attempts-at-our-own-morality, it picks up steam and drags us with it. Peter … Continue reading 99 Problems


Can anything take sin away? You and I know that sin piles up. There’s something about it that fills up our lives and eventually drowns us. In any relationship you probably suspect that sin and wrong adds to previous sin and wrong don’t you? I know people who are very good at ignoring the build-up but you can only ignore them for so long before … Continue reading RED


Have you ever said “How can a loving God _______?” This blog might help you… Neela runs into the church the other day at 8:30 am and asks for a “root beer float?” My response was “You’re not at grandpa’s house anymore baby!” Consequence is the cost of Choice and Choice requires a measure of Maturity. But in North America we treat Choice like it’s … Continue reading Choice

This is Brazil!

  In view of the recent World Cup in Brazil and also the Fast Five from Rio… I thought I’d blog about relationships:) …But this is how we do things in North America! Sometimes I think Common has taken Sense out behind the barn and shot him. Common to me are the everyday ridiculous lowest-common-denominator practitioners who think they’re absolutely right about relationships when none … Continue reading This is Brazil!