Confident Children

I hate that my kids are confident. Yeah it means I’m probably a decent parent, but there are drawbacks… I will be completely up front about my hesitation as my oldest girl of four girls just entered teenage-hood. In a couple of years I may be the guy on the couch of the shrink saying “It was all going great until one day….” ..A common … Continue reading Confident Children

Rules that Enrage Kids

“You’re never wrong!” is NOT a compliment Want to watch the message first?   “You’re never wrong!” is not a compliment… When my wife Erin and I fight about stupid stuff this is how it often goes: We’ll argue about who played in what movie or what the real definition of a word is and…. we’re both right! That I’m very competitive should not come as … Continue reading Rules that Enrage Kids

Safe House?

Is your home safe? Technology threw a wrench into parenting didn’t it? Just when society was figuring out how to raise their kids (tongue in cheek)….”Let’s throw unlimited access to anything you can or can’t imagine on any subject in existence to kid’s iPods and let them look at/ talk to whatever and whoever they want whenever they want to!” Oh I can’t wait for … Continue reading Safe House?