It’s hard to be honest about flaws in yourself you don’t see… I often walk near a pasture that contains horses. They’re pretty friendly and come up to me out of curiosity or maybe if my wife is with me to see if she brought them a treat. I’ve noticed that when you are walking towards them they might turn their heads sideways or lift … Continue reading Blindspots

I Would Consider Having Fainting Goats…

In watching family relationships and business interactions for some decades I’ve developed a theory…. most people lose before they even enter conflict. Maybe this is you? So what if we didn’t automatically translate the word conflict into pain? I’m not a guy who has pets.  I don’t understand the concept of a free-loading, arrogant, playful being who serves no other purpose than eating food I … Continue reading I Would Consider Having Fainting Goats…


Pain can make you smarter but it doesn’t always. I’m not very good at pretending especially when the topic is pain so this might be a little raw for you… This will seem like an unusual way to end a series about parenting but I felt like it needed to come up in conversation as we normally avoid these sorts of topics until we’re in … Continue reading Pain

Gun Down

“Forgiveness beats pulling the trigger. The life you save is your own” #gundown When conflict happens the first thing we tend to do is kick our chair back, fortify (gather allies), and leave the room of that relationship. That needs to change immediately. It’s just so easy to so build up our side of the story to where it’s the “ONLY” side when in reality … Continue reading Gun Down


“Show me a completely smooth operation and I’ll show you someone who’s covering mistakes. Real boats rock.” Frank Herbert. Chapterhouse: Dune. Does candor make you squirm? This is very counter-cultural to our Canadian mindset. Our American neighbours generally do a better job of it and I suspect it has something to do with our UK decency. Not that decency or politeness is a bad thing … Continue reading Candor

This is Brazil!

  In view of the recent World Cup in Brazil and also the Fast Five from Rio… I thought I’d blog about relationships:) …But this is how we do things in North America! Sometimes I think Common has taken Sense out behind the barn and shot him. Common to me are the everyday ridiculous lowest-common-denominator practitioners who think they’re absolutely right about relationships when none … Continue reading This is Brazil!