Dating Contentment

Contentment: “What’s is happening outside of me doesn’t determine what is happening inside of me.” I came across an unusual thought about contentment this week and it’s one of those things that you knowshouldbe true in your life, but isn’t yet. In preparing for a funny and topically, um, interesting series at Venue called Chaperone I felt the need to try and peel back the layers … Continue reading Dating Contentment

Too Much Drama

I think some of us like a little too much drama?   There’s nothing like taking a small issue and blowing it up. In every profession, arena and home this seems to be an acceptable way of avoiding the real conversation in today’s world. It’s the ol’ “Quick! Distract them!”    When my mom used to ask “So Corey… tell me what happened?” I’m sure she … Continue reading Too Much Drama

Exit Wounds

AKA…. “Staying when it would make more sense to leave” There are definitely some relationships you shouldn’t have or should no longer have…  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… I believe that God creates certain people for certain people. I believe that their destinies are glued together and that when relationships are torn apart, the bond being much stronger if found in … Continue reading Exit Wounds

Church Wars

Awkward… Why do church people fight so much?  Great question… the answer is quite simple and is the same answer behind most conflict in every relationship you have… James was the brother of Jesus and writes a letter to straighten up some church people infighting about everything. Around Venue we tend to think that infighting is natural if you haven’t fought the enemy in awhile, … Continue reading Church Wars