Greenhouse from Hell (Working with Dad part Dos)

Stupid office engineers and stupid 109 pages of instructions and 47,000 included pieces sold to normal non-violent law-abiding citizens!!! “Should take two people four hours to put this together” This begs the question what kind of people and how many minutes are in this hour you speak of? Perhaps robots or the Flash, Bionic man or maybe just a futuristic movie where humans have been … Continue reading Greenhouse from Hell (Working with Dad part Dos)

In Conflict, do you kick your Chair Back?

This is normally how it happens: We sit at a table in business, relationships, family or friendships and…. conflict happens. We never want it to, but it does. I’ve noticed a Canadian default that has been brought to my attention over the last 39 years of my life and I wonder if you’ve noticed the same thing? Firstly it should be noted that we love … Continue reading In Conflict, do you kick your Chair Back?


Can anything take sin away? You and I know that sin piles up. There’s something about it that fills up our lives and eventually drowns us. In any relationship you probably suspect that sin and wrong adds to previous sin and wrong don’t you? I know people who are very good at ignoring the build-up but you can only ignore them for so long before … Continue reading RED