No Married People Problems

There are no married people problems. Before you prove me wrong by pointing me to your marriage (which has obvious problems), let me beat you to it by admitting ours is definitely a work in progress too. So let me say this: There are no married people problems, only people with single people problems who get married. This slightly revised concept of Andy Stanley’s retains … Continue reading No Married People Problems

Critical Thinking

Myth: We’re all critical thinkers. You are. I am. Fact: We all think we’re critical thinkers… Such an unusual yet obvious topic. The trouble is that we’re not really. If we were, our lives wouldn’t have those areas we’d rather not (and don’t) talk about. Areas where we’re STUCK. The greatest critical thinkers in the world have gaps where they just don’t get it and need something else … Continue reading Critical Thinking

I Hate Everything This Morning But My Marriage

  My first thought this morning… Ever wake up and wonder what went wrong with your marriage? I’ve done that. But this particular morning I was thinking about my marriage and just how lucky and fortunate I am. I might hate everything else, but not my marriage. I always spin the coin to look at the other side of things too and, in doing so, realized … Continue reading I Hate Everything This Morning But My Marriage