Pain can make you smarter but it doesn’t always. I’m not very good at pretending especially when the topic is pain so this might be a little raw for you… This will seem like an unusual way to end a series about parenting but I felt like it needed to come up in conversation as we normally avoid these sorts of topics until we’re in … Continue reading Pain

The “Why are you doing that?” Hat

Have you ever been asked “WHY?” you’re doing something?  We don’t like that very much when it comes to what we’re doing because we normally assume the best about ourselves and not the best (worst) about people we’re in conflict with.  We can go for years sometimes repeating the same patterns and getting the same results without ever looking to the root cause of it … Continue reading The “Why are you doing that?” Hat

Rules that Enrage Kids

“You’re never wrong!” is NOT a compliment Want to watch the message first?   “You’re never wrong!” is not a compliment… When my wife Erin and I fight about stupid stuff this is how it often goes: We’ll argue about who played in what movie or what the real definition of a word is and…. we’re both right! That I’m very competitive should not come as … Continue reading Rules that Enrage Kids

Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter

I feel like a psychologist who’s not any good and not getting paid. I started tweeting (@CoreyKope) most mornings that I have the …um… pleasure of getting five girls ready for school. They usually go something like “Restart the mornings-without-crying counter!” followed by a description of the latest emotional disaster in the Kope home. If you’re looking to judge my parenting skills you should maybe … Continue reading Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter

Complacency is the Enemy

“A feeling of smug satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements”

Whatever the enemy you are facing is, your first enemy is Complacency.
In your own home. In your own life.

We tend to look outward and see the marriage trouble, family problems, financial issues or career options and concentrate on them… but these things are not the first issue you and I need to deal with.

Start with your own complacency Continue reading “Complacency is the Enemy”

Safe House?

Is your home safe? Technology threw a wrench into parenting didn’t it? Just when society was figuring out how to raise their kids (tongue in cheek)….”Let’s throw unlimited access to anything you can or can’t imagine on any subject in existence to kid’s iPods and let them look at/ talk to whatever and whoever they want whenever they want to!” Oh I can’t wait for … Continue reading Safe House?