It’s About Flow

Me: “What’s wrong with that crew? They’re taking forever!” Site General: “They’ve got no FLOW”   He was right. Flow is everything, specifically flowing from one good decision to the next.   Early in my work career, before I began pastoring, I was still learning the ropes of people and project management which have proven to be invaluable, when I came across a scenario that … Continue reading It’s About Flow

I’m Nice

Good OR nice (and which to choose when you can’t be both)…   Good: that which is morally right. Nice: agreeable.   From the time we’re old enough to interact with other children, we are grilled with something that, in itself is a good thing: “Corey, BE NICE!” Play nice, talk nice, look nice etc etc.    What mom really meant was “Corey, get along … Continue reading I’m Nice

How Fair is Fair?

“None of you kids are allowed to _____ anymore!!!” We’ve all done it… made a rule or policy for everyone to avoid a conversation with someone. There are many things I love about Canadian culture, fairness being one of them. But can one be too fair? I mean are we talking about equal opportunity or levelling the playing field so everyone has to be mediocre … Continue reading How Fair is Fair?

Too Much Drama

I think some of us like a little too much drama?   There’s nothing like taking a small issue and blowing it up. In every profession, arena and home this seems to be an acceptable way of avoiding the real conversation in today’s world. It’s the ol’ “Quick! Distract them!”    When my mom used to ask “So Corey… tell me what happened?” I’m sure she … Continue reading Too Much Drama

Confident Children

I hate that my kids are confident. Yeah it means I’m probably a decent parent, but there are drawbacks… I will be completely up front about my hesitation as my oldest girl of four girls just entered teenage-hood. In a couple of years I may be the guy on the couch of the shrink saying “It was all going great until one day….” ..A common … Continue reading Confident Children

Greenhouse from Hell (Working with Dad part Dos)

Stupid office engineers and stupid 109 pages of instructions and 47,000 included pieces sold to normal non-violent law-abiding citizens!!! “Should take two people four hours to put this together” This begs the question what kind of people and how many minutes are in this hour you speak of? Perhaps robots or the Flash, Bionic man or maybe just a futuristic movie where humans have been … Continue reading Greenhouse from Hell (Working with Dad part Dos)