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The God Complex

I think we think we’re God sometimes…We pat ourselves on the back for how wise and all knowing we are (internet), we have a good moment parenting, we experience love, we wake up early and exercise before the sun comes up (theoretically), but we forget sometimes that seeing something or experiencing something is not nearly the same thing as creating something in the first place. God blesses us with children we think we somehow created, when … Continue reading The God Complex

Nothing was Free

“Dad when I turn sixteen will you buy me a car?” Dad (snorting): “If you want a car, you buy a car. Besides, you can’t afford the gas and insurance anyways…” “How much is gas and insurance?” Dad: “$____” Me: “You’re right, I couldn’t:)” …life lesson in the Kope home #1,037. There’s this thing now that says you should give your kids what your parents couldn’t afford … Continue reading Nothing was Free

Birth Order

    I am a firstborn son of a firstborn son of a firstborn son.  I was born with a sixth sense that the buck stopped with me. This is a feeling the middle child carefully avoids and the baby of the family doesn’t even know exists… Most firstborns suffer from the guilt and responsibility only two full-time parents with no other distractions (children) can apply … Continue reading Birth Order