Nothing was Free

“Dad when I turn sixteen will you buy me a car?” Dad (snorting): “If you want a car, you buy a car. Besides, you can’t afford the gas and insurance anyways…” “How much is gas and insurance?” Dad: “$____” Me: “You’re right, I couldn’t:)” …life lesson in the Kope home #1,037. There’s this thing now that says you should give your kids what your parents couldn’t afford … Continue reading Nothing was Free

Birth Order

    I am a firstborn son of a firstborn son of a firstborn son.  I was born with a sixth sense that the buck stopped with me. This is a feeling the middle child carefully avoids and the baby of the family doesn’t even know exists… Most firstborns suffer from the guilt and responsibility only two full-time parents with no other distractions (children) can apply … Continue reading Birth Order

It’s About Flow

Me: “What’s wrong with that crew? They’re taking forever!” Site General: “They’ve got no FLOW”   He was right. Flow is everything, specifically flowing from one good decision to the next.   Early in my work career, before I began pastoring, I was still learning the ropes of people and project management which have proven to be invaluable, when I came across a scenario that … Continue reading It’s About Flow