Confident Children

I hate that my kids are confident. Yeah it means I’m probably a decent parent, but there are drawbacks… I will be completely up front about my hesitation as my oldest girl of four girls just entered teenage-hood. In a couple of years I may be the guy on the couch of the shrink saying “It was all going great until one day….” ..A common … Continue reading Confident Children


Mine? (Inspired by the seagulls in Finding Nemo of course..) You won’t know how Wealthy you were until the day of your funeral and you won’t be there, the rest of us will… What do you want people to say about you that day? In North America we’ve fallen for a Myth: Wealth is the Accumulation of my Possessions. My daughter Ailish came around the … Continue reading Mine?

Dear Neela: Confidence is Good, but so is Common Sense

Neela is five. She’s my last girl (I think). Our three older daughters have at least something of their mother in them. Sweetness and decency and caution. They are all different from each other of course but they share this thing that stops them just short of (trying to think of the words to describe)…well… Neela. My mom says Neela reminds her of me when … Continue reading Dear Neela: Confidence is Good, but so is Common Sense