Mine? (Inspired by the seagulls in Finding Nemo of course..) You won’t know how Wealthy you were until the day of your funeral and you won’t be there, the rest of us will… What do you want people to say about you that day? In North America we’ve fallen for a Myth: Wealth is the Accumulation of my Possessions. My daughter Ailish came around the … Continue reading Mine?

A Trick to Getting the Most out of People

“You wouldn’t understand, motivating people in a church organization isn’t as hard as in my business!”      I had finally walked downstairs to his office to inform him I was quitting his company and these were his words to me.      At the time, I was balancing moving from full-time work in business to full-time work in the church. My resignation from the … Continue reading A Trick to Getting the Most out of People