Greenhouse from Hell (Working with Dad part Dos)

Stupid office engineers and stupid 109 pages of instructions and 47,000 included pieces sold to normal non-violent law-abiding citizens!!! “Should take two people four hours to put this together” This begs the question what kind of people and how many minutes are in this hour you speak of? Perhaps robots or the Flash, Bionic man or maybe just a futuristic movie where humans have been … Continue reading Greenhouse from Hell (Working with Dad part Dos)

Exit Wounds

AKA…. “Staying when it would make more sense to leave” There are definitely some relationships you shouldn’t have or should no longer have…  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… I believe that God creates certain people for certain people. I believe that their destinies are glued together and that when relationships are torn apart, the bond being much stronger if found in … Continue reading Exit Wounds

Time To Build

Which is more important, Offence or Defence? “Is there anything more important than building my home?” As a Canadian I know that the expected answer is “No” but it’s not the right one. We are a family centred society, which is not a terrible thing at all and expect that building our family home (in every sense) is the most important thing. More important than … Continue reading Time To Build

The “Why are you doing that?” Hat

Have you ever been asked “WHY?” you’re doing something?  We don’t like that very much when it comes to what we’re doing because we normally assume the best about ourselves and not the best (worst) about people we’re in conflict with.  We can go for years sometimes repeating the same patterns and getting the same results without ever looking to the root cause of it … Continue reading The “Why are you doing that?” Hat

Gun Down

“Forgiveness beats pulling the trigger. The life you save is your own” #gundown When conflict happens the first thing we tend to do is kick our chair back, fortify (gather allies), and leave the room of that relationship. That needs to change immediately. It’s just so easy to so build up our side of the story to where it’s the “ONLY” side when in reality … Continue reading Gun Down

Fair Fight or Street Fight?

First of all to all of our peacemaking friends out there I’d like to say I love you, I married one of you but when push comes to shove… Conflict is part of life with people. Conflict is unavoidable and actually unhealthy to try and live without. Marriages where couples never fight have a higher percentage ending in divorce. Weird. I’ve been talking recently about … Continue reading Fair Fight or Street Fight?