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Signed Stevie G Jersey

I wholeheartedly believe one is more blessed to give than to receive. Venue people ask me all the time “How can we pray for you pastor?” “Just pray for ____ instead. I’m good (I think?)”…is what I used to say. The Kopes are Dutch and self sufficient in the extreme. It is much easier for me to give than to receive something, which is mostly a great trait … Continue reading Signed Stevie G Jersey

Liverpool V Madrid (being a good loser)

Liverpool Football Club just went out in the Champions League Final to the terrifyingly good looking Spanish team Real Madrid. I can only chalk it up to one of two things: bad luck for Liverpool, or Real Madrid’s deal with the devil finally paying off. We lost Salah some thirty minutes into the game because Ramos took him out (my brother later texted me he … Continue reading Liverpool V Madrid (being a good loser)

I’m a Nervous Fan

My nerves don’t get the best of me too often. I’m not normally panicky or get a stomach full of butterflies, unless I’m watching Liverpool Football Club, then I’m a mess.       Most weekends I have some guys over to watch Liverpool play when the normally confident and sure-of-himself Corey transforms into a spineless, nail-biting, nervous wreck of what once (we assume) was … Continue reading I’m a Nervous Fan

Looking for Love 1. The Dating Game.

  My goal in life is to play for Liverpool Football Club.       Like many fans, I lie awake at night before a big game and imagine (we have good imaginations) getting the call up from the manager. “Corey, I’ve been watching the tapes from your recreational games and I need you this weekend!”. Then I say “How much will you pay me for playing … Continue reading Looking for Love 1. The Dating Game.