Looking for Love 1. The Dating Game.

  My goal in life is to play for Liverpool Football Club.       Like many fans, I lie awake at night before a big game and imagine (we have good imaginations) getting the call up from the manager. “Corey, I’ve been watching the tapes from your recreational games and I need you this weekend!”. Then I say “How much will you pay me for playing … Continue reading Looking for Love 1. The Dating Game.

Random Leadership Thoughts…

I was asked to throw together some quick questions for leadership discussions. These are not completely smooth yet and, like everything, are in process somewhere in my brain (which is a scary place), yet they may be helpful to someone somewhere…   “Is this working?”               o    The leader’s first question. 100 leadership qualities won’t help if they don’t … Continue reading Random Leadership Thoughts…

Selfie! 5. Stupid

 Rebellion make you stupid. And stupid doesn’t listen.      Tomorrow you wake up and go to battle. You’ve had some narrow escapes in past, but your gut knows this is not the one you’re going to walk away from. Your sons are beside you. They will share your fate, as will your nation. Everyone will be affected.      Your name is King Saul. … Continue reading Selfie! 5. Stupid

Selfie! 4. Metron

Metron is a Greek word meaning your “measure”. Maybe you’d understand it this way a little better? Your Centre.      So where is your centre?      Who decides where it is?      Do you get pushed and pulled away from it?      Moms understand this. I’ve watched the demands of motherhood on my wonderful and patient wife Erin for years. Always … Continue reading Selfie! 4. Metron

Selfie! 3. Authentic

 How are your troubleshooting skills?      I’ve worked on a lot of fire alarm systems. The purpose of these systems is to 1. Save Lives and 2. Save Property. The first purpose was fulfilled by the system turning on all the bells and whistles and informing the occupants to evacuate the building. Number two was accomplished by the fire alarm panel indicating the whereabouts … Continue reading Selfie! 3. Authentic

Selfie! 1. Image

  If you hang out with your wife for any length of time, you’ll find yourself in a clothing store bored out of your mind while she tries on outfits.      Every now and again, she’ll emerge to present her possible outfit for “approval”. Just hollering “Buy it!” isn’t what she’s looking for, though it would certainly speed up the process. Girls are apparently different … Continue reading Selfie! 1. Image

Game of Shadows 4. David’s Training Day

Question: are the hard times in your life a training ground for tomorrow?      In Frank Herbert’s science fiction series Dune, the Emperor of the known universe, Shaddam Corrino 4th, kept all the systems in line because of his elite fighting force called the Sardaukar.      So much better than the trained warriors of the Great Houses were they, that numbers didn’t matter … Continue reading Game of Shadows 4. David’s Training Day