I’m Nice

Good OR nice (and which to choose when you can’t be both)…   Good: that which is morally right. Nice: agreeable.   From the time we’re old enough to interact with other children, we are grilled with something that, in itself is a good thing: “Corey, BE NICE!” Play nice, talk nice, look nice etc etc.    What mom really meant was “Corey, get along … Continue reading I’m Nice


Pain can make you smarter but it doesn’t always. I’m not very good at pretending especially when the topic is pain so this might be a little raw for you… This will seem like an unusual way to end a series about parenting but I felt like it needed to come up in conversation as we normally avoid these sorts of topics until we’re in … Continue reading Pain

Rules that Enrage Kids

“You’re never wrong!” is NOT a compliment Want to watch the message first? https://vimeo.com/124778997   “You’re never wrong!” is not a compliment… When my wife Erin and I fight about stupid stuff this is how it often goes: We’ll argue about who played in what movie or what the real definition of a word is and…. we’re both right! That I’m very competitive should not come as … Continue reading Rules that Enrage Kids

Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter

I feel like a psychologist who’s not any good and not getting paid. I started tweeting (@CoreyKope) most mornings that I have the …um… pleasure of getting five girls ready for school. They usually go something like “Restart the mornings-without-crying counter!” followed by a description of the latest emotional disaster in the Kope home. If you’re looking to judge my parenting skills you should maybe … Continue reading Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter