Grow 3. Pruning

I was raised by the eyebrows of my father. Stage 1. Eyebrows From across the room my dad’s eyebrows would slowly ascend as my behaviour descended. I could escape this stage relatively unscathed. Meaning… the eyebrows were a warning that I would do well to heed. But normally I just continued to: Stage 2. Verbal Not as subtle as eyebrows but harder to ignore. It normally sounded like “Corey…” … Continue reading Grow 3. Pruning

Grow 2. Sow the Seed

I hate duplicity.  Most people do. I hate even more that I’d find it in myself without looking too hard. Saying one thing and doing another. It’s what a world in desperate need of a Saviour can’t quite reconcile, when they see his church acting unbecomingly.  I don’t really mean acting unholy. We’re all that and a bag of chips some days. There was only one perfect one and … Continue reading Grow 2. Sow the Seed

Grow 1. Prepare the Soil

A similar atrocity happens to two somewhat similar people… One person becomes angry and bitter. The other somehow lets that experience produce a sort of softness of heart inside, where that awful thing actually gets broken down and becomes usable in their soil. It becomes usable fibre.  There are many storms that come upon us that we cannot control. Other people have sown seed in … Continue reading Grow 1. Prepare the Soil