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The God Complex

I think we think we’re God sometimes…We pat ourselves on the back for how wise and all knowing we are (internet), we have a good moment parenting, we experience love, we wake up early and exercise before the sun comes up (theoretically), but we forget sometimes that seeing something or experiencing something is not nearly the same thing as creating something in the first place. God blesses us with children we think we somehow created, when … Continue reading The God Complex

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God of the Mountains

As a child growing up in a home where we talked about God I sort of assumed people who denied even his existence maybe just hadn’t thought about it that much?As an adult I still think the same thing:)I could get into some very real hangups people have with God, things I’ve struggled through like “How can a loving God allow pain?” (I landed on something called … Continue reading God of the Mountains


Panic is, and always has been the enemy of wisdom. Don’t tell me the person hyperventilating is the one making the best decisions based on the available facts… When we panic our eyesight narrows and we see only what’s in front of us (toilet paper in Costco) and we lose our peripheral perspective. Perspective would tell us that we didn’t use more than we did … Continue reading Panic!


Have you ever said “How can a loving God _______?” This blog might help you… Neela runs into the church the other day at 8:30 am and asks for a “root beer float?” My response was “You’re not at grandpa’s house anymore baby!” Consequence is the cost of Choice and Choice requires a measure of Maturity. But in North America we treat Choice like it’s … Continue reading Choice

This is Brazil!

  In view of the recent World Cup in Brazil and also the Fast Five from Rio… I thought I’d blog about relationships:) …But this is how we do things in North America! Sometimes I think Common has taken Sense out behind the barn and shot him. Common to me are the everyday ridiculous lowest-common-denominator practitioners who think they’re absolutely right about relationships when none … Continue reading This is Brazil!