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When I’m an Old Man

“Erin, I’m going to be a ridiculously funny old man! I’m already ridiculously funny, but when I’m old….”   This is a fairly normal type of marriage conversation for us before you get too alarmed on her behalf, she’s used to it. To be fair, she thought I was a whole lot cleverer before she saw my idea-material (The Simpsons) when we were dating, but I’ve tried to stay funny … Continue reading When I’m an Old Man

Dog Doo

Pet Peeves: Dogs that bark at Not Burglars, People who don’t clean up after their dogs. Both of my pet peeves can be linked back to the owners of pets. Now when Erin and I are legitimately on a walk that does not involved trespassing on someone else’s property (as opposed to the illegitimate walks where we break into people’s houses?), I feel like I … Continue reading Dog Doo