If YOU don’t have a laugh at yourself when you mess up, it’s ok… somebody else will. I’m a pastor and have spent years watching people spring back from problems or get buried in them. Money, relationships, parenting, marriage, whatever issue you can imagine. There are two types of people. Those who laugh at themselves, and those who prefer that others do. I’ve had thousands … Continue reading Touchy

Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter

I feel like a psychologist who’s not any good and not getting paid. I started tweeting (@CoreyKope) most mornings that I have the …um… pleasure of getting five girls ready for school. They usually go something like “Restart the mornings-without-crying counter!” followed by a description of the latest emotional disaster in the Kope home. If you’re looking to judge my parenting skills you should maybe … Continue reading Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter