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Fear’s Greatest Hits

I recently preached a sermon called Leverage Love (Not Fear) at Venue as I thought about some of the issues we’re facing today. I think the problem today is not what everyone is talking about. It’s not Covid. The problem is fear. Covid is just another problem that the world has lots of. Generations before us faced problems with different names, generations after us will face problems … Continue reading Fear’s Greatest Hits


Panic is, and always has been the enemy of wisdom. Don’t tell me the person hyperventilating is the one making the best decisions based on the available facts… When we panic our eyesight narrows and we see only what’s in front of us (toilet paper in Costco) and we lose our peripheral perspective. Perspective would tell us that we didn’t use more than we did … Continue reading Panic!

“Never tell me the odds!” Han Solo

(Apologies for the photoshopped pic from one of the guys but it amuses me…) Question: Could you jump and risk everything to win everything? Could you actually do it? There comes a time in your life when you have to do it or you might lose it all…. C3P0: “Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1!” Han Solo: “Never tell … Continue reading “Never tell me the odds!” Han Solo

Game of Shadows 4. David’s Training Day

Question: are the hard times in your life a training ground for tomorrow?      In Frank Herbert’s science fiction series Dune, the Emperor of the known universe, Shaddam Corrino 4th, kept all the systems in line because of his elite fighting force called the Sardaukar.      So much better than the trained warriors of the Great Houses were they, that numbers didn’t matter … Continue reading Game of Shadows 4. David’s Training Day