I Decided to

How you view setbacks will determine how far you go. Did you notice I didn’t say how you handled setbacks, but rather how you viewed them? And how you view setbacks is decided by the first thing you decideto say about them. Example: my father is a positive person, ergo he dealt with nearly everything I can recall positively, including negative things. There were very few … Continue reading I Decided to

Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter

I feel like a psychologist who’s not any good and not getting paid. I started tweeting (@CoreyKope) most mornings that I have the …um… pleasure of getting five girls ready for school. They usually go something like “Restart the mornings-without-crying counter!” followed by a description of the latest emotional disaster in the Kope home. If you’re looking to judge my parenting skills you should maybe … Continue reading Restart the Mornings-Without-Crying Counter