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Arwen’s Red Jetta

I’m very proud of my oldest daughter Arwen. She managed to save up birthday, babysitting and work money to the total of nearly nine thousand dollars by the time she turned eighteen. I didn’t have that kind of money when I was eighteen. We are budgeters, which means we shop around for the best prices of insurance, the best prices of food, heck the best prices of everything … Continue reading Arwen’s Red Jetta

How Fair is Fair?

“None of you kids are allowed to _____ anymore!!!” We’ve all done it… made a rule or policy for everyone to avoid a conversation with someone. There are many things I love about Canadian culture, fairness being one of them. But can one be too fair? I mean are we talking about equal opportunity or levelling the playing field so everyone has to be mediocre … Continue reading How Fair is Fair?