Dating and Open Houses

I haven’t dated in awhile but I still remember the clammy desperation to come across as “marriageable”, if that’s an actual thing. It should also be noted that I’m happily married and so is Erin, like to each other, though some days it’s less “happily married” and more “still married”. The early days of our relationship were filled with wonder and nervousness. I’m not naturally … Continue reading Dating and Open Houses

Dating Contentment

Contentment: “What’s is happening outside of me doesn’t determine what is happening inside of me.” I came across an unusual thought about contentment this week and it’s one of those things that you knowshouldbe true in your life, but isn’t yet. In preparing for a funny and topically, um, interesting series at Venue called Chaperone I felt the need to try and peel back the layers … Continue reading Dating Contentment

Looking for Love 1. The Dating Game.

  My goal in life is to play for Liverpool Football Club.       Like many fans, I lie awake at night before a big game and imagine (we have good imaginations) getting the call up from the manager. “Corey, I’ve been watching the tapes from your recreational games and I need you this weekend!”. Then I say “How much will you pay me for playing … Continue reading Looking for Love 1. The Dating Game.