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Fear’s Greatest Hits

I recently preached a sermon called Leverage Love (Not Fear) at Venue as I thought about some of the issues we’re facing today. I think the problem today is not what everyone is talking about. It’s not Covid. The problem is fear. Covid is just another problem that the world has lots of. Generations before us faced problems with different names, generations after us will face problems … Continue reading Fear’s Greatest Hits

Don’t Bother Pointing That Out

“Guys, if you didn’t need a motorcycle BEFORE covid, you don’t need one now”… is what I said about a week before I bought myself a motorcycle. In my defence I recorded the video on our Venue Youtube channel a week or two before it came out. So, two weeks. But there’s no getting around the fact I bought a bike. Some poor fool in Kelowna (actually he … Continue reading Don’t Bother Pointing That Out

Dream Again

I think it’s time to dream again. I’m tired of this fearful outlook all the time. I’m tired of the news and it’s obsession with worst-case-scenarios. I’m tired of Albertans taking every piece of information at face value and not questioning the hand guiding it. I don’t like that we’re susceptible to fear and propaganda. I don’t like that we get tunnel vision and forget … Continue reading Dream Again


Sooooo. By now you’ve discovered that you haven’t done all the things on your bucket list you always told yourself you would “If you had the time”. Well, you likely had the time in the past month with work/ extra activities cancelled and are now at the kitchen table reading this in between Netflix binge worthy shows? (Not sure what qualifies a show as binge … Continue reading Unmotivated