The “Why are you doing that?” Hat

Have you ever been asked “WHY?” you’re doing something?  We don’t like that very much when it comes to what we’re doing because we normally assume the best about ourselves and not the best (worst) about people we’re in conflict with.  We can go for years sometimes repeating the same patterns and getting the same results without ever looking to the root cause of it … Continue reading The “Why are you doing that?” Hat

Rules that Enrage Kids

“You’re never wrong!” is NOT a compliment Want to watch the message first?   “You’re never wrong!” is not a compliment… When my wife Erin and I fight about stupid stuff this is how it often goes: We’ll argue about who played in what movie or what the real definition of a word is and…. we’re both right! That I’m very competitive should not come as … Continue reading Rules that Enrage Kids