Men at Work

Working with men has an interesting dynamic. I’m not saying I prefer it to working with women because they always smell nicer but it does have a certain feel about it that I’ve spent much of my life working around. Example: My buddy Matt and I were digging post holes in his yard with one of those motored augers and, while hanging on for dear … Continue reading Men at Work

My Fashion Intervention

I love the mall. There’s something about meandering aimlessly with hundreds of other people in and out of stores tempting us to buy items we didn’t know we needed until we saw them #firstworldproblems? Mostly, but I still love the mall. I started getting interested in shopping a couple of years back and viewing clothes more like an expression than a thing of practical utility … Continue reading My Fashion Intervention

WestJet, and Why I like them.

I can’t remember a bad experience with WestJet, it’s not like they always have the flights that we want or can accommodate everything, but my experience with them has been good. I’m not comparing them to other airlines per say, it’s hard to when they don’t even fly places we’d like to go, but when we’re with them the experience seems to be great. Is … Continue reading WestJet, and Why I like them.