No Married People Problems

There are no married people problems. Before you prove me wrong by pointing me to your marriage (which has obvious problems), let me beat you to it by admitting ours is definitely a work in progress too. So let me say this: There are no married people problems, only people with single people problems who get married. This slightly revised concept of Andy Stanley’s retains … Continue reading No Married People Problems

It’s About Flow

Me: “What’s wrong with that crew? They’re taking forever!” Site General: “They’ve got no FLOW”   He was right. Flow is everything, specifically flowing from one good decision to the next.   Early in my work career, before I began pastoring, I was still learning the ropes of people and project management which have proven to be invaluable, when I came across a scenario that … Continue reading It’s About Flow

Church Wars

Awkward… Why do church people fight so much?  Great question… the answer is quite simple and is the same answer behind most conflict in every relationship you have… James was the brother of Jesus and writes a letter to straighten up some church people infighting about everything. Around Venue we tend to think that infighting is natural if you haven’t fought the enemy in awhile, … Continue reading Church Wars

I Would Consider Having Fainting Goats…

In watching family relationships and business interactions for some decades I’ve developed a theory…. most people lose before they even enter conflict. Maybe this is you? So what if we didn’t automatically translate the word conflict into pain? I’m not a guy who has pets.  I don’t understand the concept of a free-loading, arrogant, playful being who serves no other purpose than eating food I … Continue reading I Would Consider Having Fainting Goats…