It’s hard to be honest about flaws in yourself you don’t see… I often walk near a pasture that contains horses. They’re pretty friendly and come up to me out of curiosity or maybe if my wife is with me to see if she brought them a treat. I’ve noticed that when you are walking towards them they might turn their heads sideways or lift … Continue reading Blindspots

Time To Build

Which is more important, Offence or Defence? “Is there anything more important than building my home?” As a Canadian I know that the expected answer is “No” but it’s not the right one. We are a family centred society, which is not a terrible thing at all and expect that building our family home (in every sense) is the most important thing. More important than … Continue reading Time To Build


You have recurring issues in some area of your life? STOP IT! Are you fighting an addiction? In the words of Bob Newhart… STOP IT!!!! (You should probably watch that Youtube video… pretty funny:) That should be the world’s shortest blog post… I wish it were that easy, I really do. I asked my amazingly optimistic and strong dad how he quit smoking all those … Continue reading STOP IT!

I Hate Everything This Morning But My Marriage

  My first thought this morning… Ever wake up and wonder what went wrong with your marriage? I’ve done that. But this particular morning I was thinking about my marriage and just how lucky and fortunate I am. I might hate everything else, but not my marriage. I always spin the coin to look at the other side of things too and, in doing so, realized … Continue reading I Hate Everything This Morning But My Marriage

Having Babies, and other Narrow Windows of Opportunity

Some friends of ours had a baby last night. Quite an experience if you’ve never had one.      I still remember the feeling I had the week we brought Arwen home. I was driving my work truck into the yard and said to myself “I will work as many jobs as I have to to provide for this little girl”. I still remember the … Continue reading Having Babies, and other Narrow Windows of Opportunity