Church Wars

Awkward… Why do church people fight so much?  Great question… the answer is quite simple and is the same answer behind most conflict in every relationship you have… James was the brother of Jesus and writes a letter to straighten up some church people infighting about everything. Around Venue we tend to think that infighting is natural if you haven’t fought the enemy in awhile, … Continue reading Church Wars

Spiritual Survival should outrank Personal Preference

“It’s just me and Jesus!” No it’s not. Not the real Jesus anyways.  If there’s one thing that drives me crazy it would have to be people who isolate themselves and start getting some “private revelation” that they don’t need church anymore because Jesus is cool with them opting out of it. I think the message behind the opt out is that the church is … Continue reading Spiritual Survival should outrank Personal Preference

Time To Build

Which is more important, Offence or Defence? “Is there anything more important than building my home?” As a Canadian I know that the expected answer is “No” but it’s not the right one. We are a family centred society, which is not a terrible thing at all and expect that building our family home (in every sense) is the most important thing. More important than … Continue reading Time To Build

I Take Risks!


I Take Risks!
Can you say this?

Most people in North America would probably hum and haw a little if asked, and then hum and haw a little more if asked if they actually take risks for the things that should matter most to them?

We all know that Tenacity beats Talent nearly all of the time. I laugh when people get into trouble Continue reading “I Take Risks!”

Complacency is the Enemy

“A feeling of smug satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements”

Whatever the enemy you are facing is, your first enemy is Complacency.
In your own home. In your own life.

We tend to look outward and see the marriage trouble, family problems, financial issues or career options and concentrate on them… but these things are not the first issue you and I need to deal with.

Start with your own complacency Continue reading “Complacency is the Enemy”