Oh Canada…

Oh Canada. Sigh. 2020 will be a year to remember alright. I feel like it’s the Spring Break you wish you could forget minus the Spring Break. Who knew we were capable of panicking like little girls (I’m allowed to say that because I’ve fathered four of them:). Who knew we’d ever believe everything we watched on the news?Who knew we’d actually read what every FB troll ranted … Continue reading Oh Canada…

Killer Instinct

 My Grandfather came to Canada from the Ukraine with nothing. He was 18 and had $12 in his pocket.      My father and his 8 brothers and sisters helped their parents build the homestead. They worked hard. (How else can I really say it?) They worked as if they would starve next winter if they didn’t, which was true.      Reality…. My Gen … Continue reading Killer Instinct

Looking for Love 3. What Your Mom Forgot to Tell You

 I tweeted “Never anger a 5 foot tall Irish woman called “Mom”! last week             @CoreyKope      Words to live by… You know, I had a long conversation with my mom about an unusual subject this weekend. Baggage.      I asked her what her family life was like growing up and that lead into what dating looked like … Continue reading Looking for Love 3. What Your Mom Forgot to Tell You

Young Eagles. Random Leadership Thoughts

In every organization there is something young talented people struggle with.      In Canadian (and North American) work environments, we all want to be kings. CEOs. The one at the top. Why? So we can do whatever we want to, of course! (All the CEOs can have a chuckle here…) The younger the leadership potential, the more we see this sort of thinking. I purposely … Continue reading Young Eagles. Random Leadership Thoughts

Selfie! 5. Stupid

 Rebellion make you stupid. And stupid doesn’t listen.      Tomorrow you wake up and go to battle. You’ve had some narrow escapes in past, but your gut knows this is not the one you’re going to walk away from. Your sons are beside you. They will share your fate, as will your nation. Everyone will be affected.      Your name is King Saul. … Continue reading Selfie! 5. Stupid