Ever notice how some people like change and others don’t? If you still wish Motorola made the original bag phone, you might not be an early adopter. If you still drive your car from the 80’s because you’re suspicious of automobiles run by “computers”, you might not be an early adopter. If everyone has IT before you do, you might not be an early adopter. … Continue reading Change

I Would Consider Having Fainting Goats…

In watching family relationships and business interactions for some decades I’ve developed a theory…. most people lose before they even enter conflict. Maybe this is you? So what if we didn’t automatically translate the word conflict into pain? I’m not a guy who has pets.  I don’t understand the concept of a free-loading, arrogant, playful being who serves no other purpose than eating food I … Continue reading I Would Consider Having Fainting Goats…


Tenacity alone is not a blank cheque. I’ve always been described as tenacious. Sounds more amazing than it really is.  Low key people wish they had my drive while I look at them and am jealous. “I don’t really care when the deadline is… I don’t really care what they think about me… I don’t care if I don’t get everything done today…” When someone like … Continue reading Tenacity


Ever walk into someone’s house when they’ve just had a family fight? The atmosphere is charged, the kids are hiding in their rooms, the dog is whimpering in the corner and no one is making eye contact with each other. Careful what you say or BOOM! If it’s not an explosion it will be the long freeze session where nobody speaks for days. We all … Continue reading Eggshells