Hello Footprints and Magic Mountain

Running a daycare and/ or an elementary school would be my version of a nightmare. The only thing worse might be running a Jr High School… Our new Venue partners in Airdrie are Footprints Academy and Magic Mountain in Kings Heights and they’re amazing. I was walking through the spaces with one of the owners who said “I’m an engineer who’s now running a daycare”. … Continue reading Hello Footprints and Magic Mountain


“Dad! There’s a Montana’s in Airdrie now! We should go for my birthday! Kids eat free on Tuesdays!” ….further proof that marketing works on children…. No need to thank me Montana’s or send me a gift certificate. No need at all:) Now it should be noted that we’re not super into the cowboy scene as a family, but we are into eating ribs. And our … Continue reading Montana’s