99 Problems

Yeah it’s a JAY-Z song with an amazing beat and off-limits lyrics but I came across something in the Bible the other day that reminded me of it. Sometimes we’re unwittingly obsessed with sin and its separating effect in our relationships with God and people, it exacts a toll subconsciously. From the sin/problem/addiction to its consequences, to denial/blame-shifting/attempts-at-our-own-morality, it picks up steam and drags us with it. Peter … Continue reading 99 Problems

Mentors…do you have any? (The Double Tap)

Wikipedia: A double tap is a shooting technique where two shots are fired at the same target with the same sight picture. Instruction and practice of the double-tap improves overall accuracy as shooters often do not have the gun fully extended on the first shot meaning the second of a double-tap is usually the better. Rule #2 of Zombieland – Double Tap.You think it’s dead (technically it was … Continue reading Mentors…do you have any? (The Double Tap)