“What do you do for work?” “I’m a pastor” Awkward silence. Covert glances at my tattooed arms. Sometimes judgy eyes. Sometimes surprised. Sometimes nicely surprised. My own late grandmother wouldn’t approve of my tattoos, but then again she didn’t approve of things like playing cards. “Do you know who the Joker represents Corey?” “The devil?” “The devil!!!” Nailed it. I told my dad what she’d … Continue reading Tattoos

Goose Attack

Geese are scary. I’m not normally afraid of nature (not true, I’m scared to death of many things in nature ie snakes and spiders. Oh and weird bugs and weird lizards and weird anything really), but I had a bad and exhilarating experience the other day. I was minding my own business (rarely true) walking around the man made lake in my neighbourhood and was … Continue reading Goose Attack


The home I grew up in did not applaud my lazy moments. I feel that there is much pressure to make huge deals of things that not long ago fell into the “legally required to do” category. “You passed kindergarten!!!! Congratulations for doing what you were legally required to do!” I love anything school and accomplishment related as it concerns my daughters, but there is … Continue reading Energy

The Decision

“Awwww! That’s the Babiest Bunny Ever!!!” So said Erin on our early morning walk as the rain misted down on us and the world’s tiniest bunny huddled on the walking path. I responded with my usual (sensitive) “He looks fine. All that fur…” “He’s cold (you monster!)” she said. “I don’t know babe, it’s kinda like interfering with nature?” You know, gentle readers, there are … Continue reading The Decision

Mountains Eh?

I used to smirk a bit by friends who love the mountains, but no longer. Mountains are actually quite nice. We recently needed to get away and stayed in a little place in Canmore AB. I normally don’t enjoy things like “hiking” and “walking through trees” (it helps to understand previous nonchalance if you picture me leaning forward and pausing slightly before uttering the words, … Continue reading Mountains Eh?


Hedgehogs have an unusual dilemma… It’s funny that when one preaches a series about something everything reminds one of whatever the topic happens to be. If you are looking at buying a particular kind of truck you’ll see one every block, if you think “I haven’t seen so-and-so in awhile” you’ll run into them at the store, it’s just funny how it works. Sadly, I’m … Continue reading Hedgehogs