My Friend’s Weird Dad

I remember my best friend’s dad growing up, and he was weird. Most people’s dads err on the side of “normal”, “boring” or “uncool” (because teenage kids always have a great handle on what’s cool), but my friend’s dad was more on the “pardon me” and “huh?” side. He owned a health food store and was super into it, not that that’s a bad thing, … Continue reading My Friend’s Weird Dad

Boney M Christmas

Every year my mom would trot out the ghetto blaster (interesting name), take the Boney M Christmas album cassette out (look up what cassette means) and play the world’s most painful music while I descended into madness. My childhood memories aren’t many, one tends to selectively block out the stupid things one attempted lest one get caught, but I remember things like Boney M Christmas. … Continue reading Boney M Christmas