What Freedom was For

Whether we like it or not, people died to protect our freedom in this country. They made the ultimate sacrifice for us to live, cried so we could laugh, gave up their freedom so we could use ours for silly things like complaining about traffic in Airdrie. Venue Church had a special Remembrance Day service merged with a “let’s remember God’s sacrifice too” service (don’t … Continue reading What Freedom was For


So what’s the deal with drummers? In every band you need a drummer, but a more unstable and strange lot doesn’t exist. Perhaps the incessant violence required to beat skins with sticks, or the unnatural and crazed look that takes them over while staring into the eyes of the rhythm gods? Who’s to know where it went wrong, but there is just something wrong with … Continue reading Drummers…

I Decided to

How you view setbacks will determine how far you go. Did you notice I didn’t say how you handled setbacks, but rather how you viewed them? And how you view setbacks is decided by the first thing you decideto say about them. Example: my father is a positive person, ergo he dealt with nearly everything I can recall positively, including negative things. There were very few … Continue reading I Decided to

No Married People Problems

There are no married people problems. Before you prove me wrong by pointing me to your marriage (which has obvious problems), let me beat you to it by admitting ours is definitely a work in progress too. So let me say this: There are no married people problems, only people with single people problems who get married. This slightly revised concept of Andy Stanley’s retains … Continue reading No Married People Problems