I’m Nice

Good: that which is morally right. Nice: agreeable.   From the time we’re old enough to interact with other children, we are grilled with something that, in itself is a good thing: “Corey, BE NICE!” Play nice, talk nice, look nice etc etc.   What mom really meant was “Corey, get along with everybody and don’t make a scene!”   But making a scene was … Continue reading I’m Nice

My Poor Mom

My mom wasn’t poor, it was just a bit sad that she didn’t have a normal child in me. Even sadder was that she didn’t have another amazing child like my little brother Ryan, she had me instead. Everyone needs a little context and I had a gift for bringing context. One day she was enjoying a quiet moment and then had the thought one … Continue reading My Poor Mom

What’s Fair?

“But that’s not FAIR mom!” Enter the basic Canadian sense of fairness to torpedo progress once again… We have four daughters and are prepared every time one of the girls receives a concession, gift, compliment or favour to hear from the others “Where’s mine? That’s not Fair!” My response is usually “life isn’t fair guys:) You want the same thing? Go get it.” A duty … Continue reading What’s Fair?