Details details. I hate details. Even the word details is boring. Process. Policy. Procedure. Boring. Venue is just out of the church planting stage where everything is Idea! Adrenaline! Run! This is fairly normal in any successful startup where the leader has to be both the visionary and the main operator, in fact startups don’t last if there’s not a visionary in the drivers seat. … Continue reading Details


Each of my daughters have their little things that are adorable. My oldest Arwen has a quiet way of rolling with something ridiculous I’ve just said by poking a little fun at it. It’s our way of agreeing that it was ridiculous and funny, and should have been said by someone. When I’m in work mode Arwen can hear me give direction about something and … Continue reading Snuggles?

The Menu

It’s hard to order if it’s not on the menu…. Ok. A decision needs to be made in your life. You’re a smart person so you’ll make the smart decision, right? …But that’s what you told yourself last time. How did that work out? Look, nobody gets every decision right, but some people get a higher percentage don’t they? I’ve watched how some of them … Continue reading The Menu