My Dad

“What do you do for work?”“I’m a pastor”Awkward silence. Covert glances at my tattooed arms. Sometimes judgy eyes. Sometimes surprised. Sometimes nicely surprised. My own late grandmother wouldn’t approve of my tattoos, but then again she didn’t approve of things like playing cards or having fun in general. “Do you know who the Joker represents Corey?” “The devil?”“The devil!!!” I told my dad what she’d said about playing … Continue reading My Dad

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It’s a Joy to Shovel

For some reason I thought I’d have to shovel snow forever because I only had daughters? Before you ladies lash out and give me the “equal rights” speech, keep in mind I live with five of your kind and have heard it all before. Personally I would love to give up any rights if someone else wanted to shovel the driveway for me. Also it might be noted some … Continue reading It’s a Joy to Shovel

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Signed Stevie G Jersey

I wholeheartedly believe one is more blessed to give than to receive. Venue people ask me all the time “How can we pray for you pastor?” “Just pray for ____ instead. I’m good (I think?)”…is what I used to say. The Kopes are Dutch and self sufficient in the extreme. It is much easier for me to give than to receive something, which is mostly a great trait … Continue reading Signed Stevie G Jersey

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Arwen’s Red Jetta

I’m very proud of my oldest daughter Arwen. She managed to save up birthday, babysitting and work money to the total of nearly nine thousand dollars by the time she turned eighteen. I didn’t have that kind of money when I was eighteen. We are budgeters, which means we shop around for the best prices of insurance, the best prices of food, heck the best prices of everything … Continue reading Arwen’s Red Jetta

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The God Complex

I think we think we’re God sometimes…We pat ourselves on the back for how wise and all knowing we are (internet), we have a good moment parenting, we experience love, we wake up early and exercise before the sun comes up (theoretically), but we forget sometimes that seeing something or experiencing something is not nearly the same thing as creating something in the first place. God blesses us with children we think we somehow created, when … Continue reading The God Complex

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My Poor Yard

My neighbour Jackie and I have been watching Telus and their co-conspirators desecrate our yards for the past month or so. I began the journey to their fibre development of Coopers very smugly, looking back. I love fast internet and hate slow.. well.. anything, so I signed up for their free install into my yard. Ironically the small town we lived in previously began the fibre instal … Continue reading My Poor Yard