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Hi and welcome to my blog!

Someone said to me once that the way I saw the world was “different”. I assumed they meant “alarming”. Alarming is somewhat amusing and I like that. I think “unusual” might better describe me. Sounds better than alarming anyways. Somehow that was supposed to lend itself to that person saying “and you should totally write a blog because you’re so different”. They never said that but were probably thinking it, so here’s to hoping that what they were probably thinking was right!?

Alarming can also mean “game changing”. We waste most of our lives trying to work the bugs out of things and thinking that we’ll find peace and happiness if we do. It’s ridiculous and even more ridiculous that I used to think that way. I don’t anymore. I get pretty tired of the status quo and things that aren’t working the way they should, if things are mostly life and relationships.

I have found meaning and connection in my life which is pretty rare I think. It wasn’t a cosmic accident and my therapist says I’m not weird or (unusually) psychotic, but I also pay her money so… I’ll have to think about that one. I used to try and be (and expect) perfect but that didn’t last very long, neither did trying to wish the pain away. That I actually like my life as it is seems unusual.

“It is what it is” is one of my favourite sayings along with “What’s for dinner babe?” I can be amazing and an idiot all at the same time, but not usually anything in the middle.

My wife is easy to live with and look at, so at least that part worked out for me. She’s also the most selfless and loving person that I know. We never fight about stupid stuff because she’s really nice and nobody would believe my side of the story anyways. That’s actually really annoying because we fight all the time about stupid stuff.

I feel like I was born asking “Why?” when most people were born asking “Mine?” I can’t recall a day in my life when I was OK with something that lacked purpose or meaning when it ought to have it. It sounds noble but is mostly a pain in the neck. Maybe that’s where the “alarming” comes in.

I’m about as realistic a person you will find who still loves people, and there is one quality I like about myself:

I always think things can change. 

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Corey. My name is Ted Burke. In Ottawa. I am common law husband with your aunt Connie. I met your mom and dad and your aunt Ethel a few weeks ago when they came to see Connie during her time of distress. Your mom gave me the info for your blog. I read most of it and am impressed not only with your poignant writing, but with the morals, ethics a scruples you convey. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello. All the best to you and yours.


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    1. Hi Ted, so glad you dropped me a line. Thanks for all you’re doing for Connie and the Kopes who have travelled there including my own folks. I can’t imagine going through that and hope that you find hope in the storm. Let me know how I can help?
      Also thank you for your kind words. I hope my own words can help you a little…


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