Throw Sister from the Train

So how do we walk hand in hand when we don’t see eye to eye?
I find Alberta divided into two camps right now: People who don’t want to die from covid and people who don’t want to die from the vaccine. 
If I’m honest I’d rather not die period, but I suppose death is still hovering around the 100% mark so I’d better come to grips with it sooner rather than later. Just your friendly neighbourhood pastor speaking:)
People in both camps are using the same basic tactic: Trying to make the other side comply because they’re idiots. 
Sorry to oversimplify, but let’s save a little time? 
Because life and death hang in the balance (in whatever small degree it may be whether FROM covid, WITH covid, FROM the vaccine, WITH the extra arms and legs the vaccine might cause, and considering 27,000 people die every year in our province), it has really upped the ante in how the arguments play out… sooner or later you’re going to be tempted to think someone who disagrees with where you landed (based on whom you’re listening to) is a horrible monster society can live without. 
Then it’s a small step to secretly wishing something bad happens to them so they learn their lesson, which becomes a bit scary: when the killer in me is the killer in you (Smashing Pumpkins). 
I suppose it’s the syndrome of being stuck inside the family car for too many hours on the covid road trip, sooner or later mom reaches back and tapes a line across the middle of the back seat and threatens murder if we can’t keep our hands to ourselves (my mom is Irish. We’re not sure she would have actually done it but it worked). 
My mom is great and never threatened murder, but knowing myself she must have been tempted at times…
Sitting on my side of the car has a way of making your side of the car seeming much bigger. And who is mom that she gets to make the rules anyways? She’s not perfect you know! Not like we are?:)
Let me blow your brain up with a tiny bit of theology for you. I know some of my readers are afraid to even enter a church because lightning would strike them, but everybody needs to eat their carrots because they help us see better, or something. 
CS Lewis, a Belfast boy from a previous generation who grew up in church, left the faith as an atheist, then surprisingly returned, possessed one of the sharpest minds of his day. 
I know you think your FB rants are something special, but read some of his books and see if you can keep up?
He writes “The devil always sends errors into the world in pairs–pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one.”
Mic drop. 
I could leave it there if humans were really as correctable as we think, but perhaps we need to massage this a little? 
I know you really want me to come out on your side of the argument, but I won’t fall into that trap. The trouble with some things is that we naturally dislike one side, so we get drawn into the other. Given enough time heros and villains appear! And, wouldn’t you know it, one rarely thinks of themselves as the villain? 
No, I don’t think people who disagree with you over covid issues are evil. I think they’re afraid. I think everybody is afraid. Afraid of getting sick from covid, or the vaccine (and why can’t the other side stop being so stupid??), afraid of loss of freedom (grandad fought and died for that!), tired of being told what to do, whatever. 
The less you reach out to the other side the more you argue with them in your head and the dumber they get! We dehumanize them over time. Then we have no problem treating them like animals because we think they’re acting like it. 
Both camps dig in and fortify. 
But can I suggest both arguments are based in fear and that is their major flaw? That’s what worries me. Decisions based in fear during the battle of covid tend to get everybody in your company shot in the face. Fear closes doors and misses opportunities. Fear creates unnecessary conflict and makes us unnecessarily skeptical of everybody who isn’t on our team because “they’re out to get us!”.. 
Can I just suggest not a solution to the covid problem (not a doctor), but to the deeper human disease we are facing? 
I always have a chuckle when people think the Bible couldn’t possibly provide answers in today’s modern age, but there really is nothing new under the sun. And people from bible times probably faced far greater challenges than you ever will, unless you have family in Afghanistan like my friend does. One conversation with him and I put the covid box down and started scraping cash together to feed his extended family as they flee for their lives. 
Try this out: “There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear”. 
Oh and fear has a little brother named Anger. One taketh and the other giveth energy. 
I suggest both covid camps aren’t acting in a basis of love at times. If we can’t give up anger, get help with fear, and learn how to love again I worry about us as a family. 
Did we forget why our nation was founded? Wasn’t the car supposed to be going somewhere that mattered? Weren’t we supposed to be showing the world what a loving society looks like? Weren’t we supposed to be forgiving and merciful? Generous and kind? Weren’t we supposed to be feeding the poor and sheltering the refugee? 
Sometimes as a pastor I feel like dad just trying to get us home in one piece. “HEY!!! STOP IT BACK THERE!!! WE’RE FAMILY!!!”
Pushing your sister out of the car only makes sense until mom finds out:)

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