Irish Horse Trader

I like buying and selling stuff. 
The growing number of motorcycle paraphernalia in our garage was beginning to alarm Erin, but I enjoy tinkering with things. Once every week I take a look around with my Richard Kope (dad) practicality lenses and think: 
“I should sell something.”
So I post ads on Kijiji and FB, ask more than what I paid, end the ad with “Make me an offer” and see what happens. 
Before someone shows up to buy anything I walk through my garage again and look for something to upsell. 
When someone shows up with cash in hand (and without their wife in the car:) they’ve already decided to buy something. Deciding to buy an add-on is one small step for mankind, so to speak. 
I chat them up because I love talking to people, they close the deal on item A, then I say “Need anything else? I have too much motorcycle stuff” with a big grin, then trot out item B. 
“This is worth ____ new. I don’t know… would it be worth ____ to you? Or what would you pay for it?”
I don’t really care what they say next because I enjoy the deal itself. Maybe I do care, but I’m good at finding deals so when I sell it off again I rarely take a loss. 
I’m looking right now at a nice helmet whose owner said his wife’s bottom dollar was ____ and good luck shifting her! 
I replied “I come from a long line of Irish horse traders, let me give it a go?!”
I shop for nice clothes, but on the clearance rack. I like nice things but am way too cheap to fork out retail money, when I buy a $120 pair of jeans for $14 I secretly think “Winning! Tiger blood!” 
When I wear it I love the thought that someone somewhere paid a ridiculous amount for the same pair. 
I’m an 8 on the enneagram which I had confused with a type 3 when I initially started taking the personality test. 3’s love winning. I love winning. But in looking into other aspects of 3’s, my wife wasn’t convinced.
“Sure you love winning, but you don’t tend to quit when things get hard, you never lie, hate unnecessary politics, and you certainly aren’t a chameleon in different crowds”, the last part possibly meant “it might be nice if you blended in a little more and didn’t speak your mind quite as much”, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. 
Then she said “Is it that you love winning or HATE LOSING?” 
I replied, “Oh. I HATE LOSING. Like proper hate it hate it.”
I didn’t say proper back then but it sounded cool so I added it just now for literary effect and to make me sound British. 
What are the shortcomings of enneagram 8’s you ask? Let’s not get into that. Let’s just say when an 8 turns to the dark side, we gots problems. Try watching Steve Jobs with Fassbender and see for yourself. Erin the peacemaker cringes every sentence in that movie because she hates conflict, but 8’s love it. 
A friend is a psychologist. I mentioned I was an 8. His exact words were “I’ve never met a healthy Canadian 8. Most are psychos.” 
I left feeling amused. 
So the deals I make are enjoyable in and of themselves, but even profiting $5, which is hardly worth my time, is enjoyable to me. 
The customer got what they wanted for a great price and I got rid of something I may or may not have been using, but the most important thing is I WON. Or is it not really a win if somebody didn’t lose? Maybe that’s what I like? Very complicated. 
I hate games where everybody wins. That’s pointless. There’s winners and losers. If everybody wins I secretly think “everybody is a loser!”.
Just sold a ladies XS helmet to my new best friend whose name I can’t remember. I asked “Need anything else? I’ll give you a great deal! How about this jacket?”
Why did I even have an XS Schuberth helmet? I don’t really know. Only Neela my youngest can even get it on her head. I was looking at a large Schuberth for myself when the guy trotted out his wife’s XS and ironically said “Need anything else? I’ll give you a great deal!”
I ended up selling both helmets for various reasons, but sometimes I just need something else to do that I find fun. 
Pastoring is amazing, but can be twenty four hour on-call people troubleshooting. One has to stay ON nearly all the time, and the year of covid has been a bit of a nightmare. Also I used to be allowed to leave my own country whenever I wanted to for a break, but that is too risky for I’m not sure who these days, and the pressure has been building up. 
So I buy and sell motorcycle things to distract myself and meet new people until I’m allowed to travel again like a big boy…

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