My First Bike

As hot as my wife Erin riding my Diesel Ducati would be, she has to appreciate baby steps. 
My first bike was a Suzuki GS400 and it was not a hot rod. I’d had a little 50cc scooter I paid $500 for and been riding for a couple years in town and on secondary roads by the time I turned sixteen and got my Class 5 and 6 for when I bought the Suzuki from my friend Jason. 
I always say I got most of my “stupid” out of the way when I was young, but it definitely helped that one can’t get into a whole lot of trouble on a Suzuki GS400, with its whopping 36 hp and capability of “reaching a top speed of 165 km/hr”. The only way that bike could reach 165 km/hr was to tie a rocket on it or drop it off a mountain, or tie a rocket on it AND drop it off a mountain. 
My scooter had a top speed of 55 km/hr, which was exactly 5 km/hr faster than Steve Wirch’s scooter which means I won every race if it was long enough. This built a deep need in him to go on and own far better vehicles than I did in his lifetime, but I’ll always have those races to remember. He heard I bought bikes this year and he went and bought himself one so we could ride again. Getting the band back together!
I tried to see how fast the ol’ Suzuki could go one day and managed to get it all the way up to 140 (maybe 145) after about fourteen miles of smooth, straight road before it protested with a near-death-speed-wobble. Not exactly a danger to society, just to the rider. 
Since more Venue people are getting bikes and riding, Erin now has some girlfriends that have ridden, or are learning to ride right now. She’s starting to think about getting her bike learners. 
My quandary? Look, I’m all about sharing (I’m not), but I started on a 36 hp Suzuki to do my penance for a couple of years, and before that a scooter with a top speed of 55 kms/hr. Did I drop them? Yes. Could you even tell that I’d dropped them? No. That’s how bad they were. 
The brakes squealed like crazy on that little bike and the chain rattled. Also it was maroon red in colour so it wasn’t actually a chick magnet (shocker), but mostly I’m not sure it could do the speed limit with two people on it. It was a lesson in humility that didn’t mind being dropped or mishandled because it had no self esteem. 
My Ducatis have self esteem. Too much self esteem. 
So I’d love my wife to ride if she wants to, but learning on 36 hp is a little more forgiving than learning on 100 hp Ducati Diesel Monster, or 150 hp Ducati Multistrada, and because I care so darn much for her I’d either have to buy her a garbage bike to learn on or sweet talk friends into letting her drop their bike in their driveway. 
Also I’m unsure I could forgive her if she dropped my WW2 looking limited edition (less than 1,000 made), and every time I look at her in the future I’m pretty sure I’d think “(YOU DROPPED MY DIESEL DUCATI!) Pass the potatoes please.” etc etc. “Thanks so much for my Christmas sweater (DON’T SUPPOSE YOU HAVE A NEW DIESEL DUCATI LIMITED EDITION UNDERNEATH?)”… you get it. I may not be mature enough to get over something like that. 
She would definitely look hot on it though once she learns how to ride and that would turn me on. It just adds difficulty to our relationship if she skids out on my front yard and I run over all like “ARE YOU OK??!!!” when she realizes I’m not talking to her? (Obviously I AM talking to her but she might not REALIZE it). 
Baby steps. 
First I’ll see if she even likes riding a bike around the block. Then I’ll see if I can talk her into something that’s cheap by calling it “Retro” or “Charming”. 
But I know what’s going to happen. She’ll park it beside my other bikes then have the nerve to think I’m a bad husband by comparing it to the other two. 
Then she’ll be on my Diesel. But it’ll still be hot. 

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