Friends with Bikes

I’m a salesman. 
Whatever I’m into I want you to be into too because I’m into sharing things that are fun. 
Now, to be clear I’m a man who does not like to share everything (food belongs to me and me alone), but I share what I’m passionate about. 
When Erin and I began dating I’d ask her “Do you want some Dr Pepper? Do you want some popcorn?” and she’d invariably say No because she had another plan. 
She’d eat MINE. 
My mom used to occasionally pick food off my plate as a boy because she was curious what it tasted like and it drove me bonkers. “This is MY food mom! Don’t touch MY FOOD!”
Ironically it was really her food, but it’s how I felt about it. 
I’d get ready to open an ice cold Dr Pepper that was ALL MINE and Erin would pipe up “Can I have some?”
Now when you’re dating you’re well aware you’re out of Lonely Jail on parole, so you don’t respond with what you do AFTER you put a ring on it, which sounds more like “I asked you and you said no! Live with your decision! That’s what being responsible means!!!”
I have zero problem buying her a whole whatever, but then she has the nerve to wait until the last bite on my plate (I always eat veggies first and leave the best cut of steak until very last) and ask “Can I try THAT!??”
Right, I’ve waded through the nasty stuff to get to my favourite part and now the Relationship IRS shows up? Heck no. 
One day I asked “Why don’t you just say yes when I ask if you want one?”
Erin: “I’d rather try YOURS:)”
A diabolical test of my love.
Now that I’m into motorbikes I’m totally into sharing because it’s not food related. 
Edwards and I (his first name is Aaron and he’s on the leadership team at Venue but my wife’s name is also Erin and neither of them would legally change their name for me to something less confusing because they’re selfish) both ride and have been talking friends of ours into getting bikes because we love having excuses to go riding. 
Shawn and Nasya are super budget people and have lived an incredibly disciplined life forever. They just moved into a great new house and Edwards and I felt like they need a fun hobby that happens to be OUR fun hobby so our wives let us ride our motorcycles more. 
Ironically both Erin and Karin (Edwards) love riding motorcycles so painting them as bad guys is just a literary tool I use because I have no class. 
Talking Nasya into stuff is like shooting fish in a barrel, she is already halfway to Fun Zone. Shawn is harder to talk to because he’s all responsible, so we’ve had to really work on destroying his self esteem to get him to consider a bike with things like “Nas probably won’t think you’re a real man until you _____”, you know, stuff like that. 
One Saturday two natural (and ironically professional) salesmen took them to a motorcycle shop to sit on bikes. Why? Because sitting on them is FREE (…is what we say. It’s never free because one ends up buying things, but it’s what we said to get them to come). 
Edwards is a Sales Manager at Finning (I always say things like “But I hear nothing runs like a Deer???” to watch his head explode), and I’m a Pastor. Both in sales. He sells machines and I convince people to believe and live for the God who created sunshine, birds, mountains and everything else they see including themselves. My job shouldn’t be that difficult but some people….:)
First we took them to sit on very expensive Indian bikes (Native American bikes). THEN we took them to a different place with bikes one could actually afford because that’s good selling technique. Sadly, I like nice things and found myself thinking “I should maybe get an Indian bike one day”, so it backfired but whatever. 
Neither of our friends have ridden street bikes before so we were looking at something around the 650cc range so they didn’t kill themselves, one can always upgrade. Neither of us are worried about Shawn because he’s responsible, but we’ve all seen Nasya on a quad at Venue BBQs. Edward’s son Miles approached me with wide, concerned eyes and said “Pastor, I’m not sure she knows what she’s doing”….
“No Miles, but she’s having a lot of fun and is very fast”. 
She sat on a retro light blue Yamaha MT07 in the front entry of the store and said “I like this one!”. 
I checked FB marketplace and found the exact same Kawasaki in the same colour with 102kms on it up in Edmonton. 
Edwards and I looked at the price and said “This can’t be right. If it is it’ll be sold by the end of the weekend.”
I made the call. Turns out a guy bought it in Saskatchewan, rode it home (hence the 102kms), called the insurance company and found that the insurance of anything over 500cc is unaffordable (Sask brothers UNITE!! If what I heard is true you need to move to a better province:), sold it to a buddy who lives in Edmonton who never got around to riding it who found himself on the phone to me. 
I asked Shawn and Nas “Do you want me to deal price on this? It is brand new and this sucker doesn’t know what it’s worth (paraphrase:)”. 
He had it listed for X, and I thought “Surely he’ll only come down $200, but I did something on the phone which I always do and asked him if he’d be willing to come down $700 if we had to drive up and get it.”
Pause. “Fine” he said. 
Now I have more friends with bikes to ride with who just picked up a brand new bike for a ridiculous price that we went last Sunday after I preached three services to grab. 
Fortunately for me, they can only ride before they get their license if someone WITH a bike license rides with them. 
Guess I’ll take one for the team… 

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