Expensive Haircut

Ok so this isn’t really about haircuts being expensive but rather how expensive my Ducati Diesel is getting…
I sold my red Yamaha MT09 in the summer, which cost me a grand total of one back tire, and picked up a 2013 special edition Ducati Diesel 20th Anniversary Monster. 
Why? Because I really REALLY needed it after I saw it. It looks like something out of WW2. 
I preached a sermon on Valentines Day a little about love but mostly because I wanted to get my Ducati animal on the stage because it’s so cool. 
I get my hair cut at Loueye’s in town, which is two blocks from my house, and decided to ride my motorbike over instead of walking in August. Walking is great and all unless you have something with a motor. Nobody has ever looked at someone walking and thought “Wow. That looks so cool. I wish I could do that.”
Walking is how poor people transport themselves slowly. 
I parked in front of the barber shop so I could keep an eye on my bike in the middle of a spot meant for a car (door dings drive me crazy), but noticed some kids from the high school pull up and park mostly in my stall. Probably because the kid was like 16 and had three other boys in the car, which decreases both skill and mental capacity by like 70%. 
One young man opened his car door right into the tail piece of my bike. I couldn’t see it happen, but when I walked out later I noticed one plastic sliver on the ground behind my bike. Because I’m paranoid I put it in my pocket and left it on the shelf in my garage, even though I couldn’t see that it came off of my bike. 
Riding out of town one day I returned to find my license holder hanging despondently by the wire alone and realized the piece was a support underneath the plastic assembly, and now I had a decision to make:
Ten cents in Gorilla Glue or buy a new tail tidy? 
I wanted a tail tidy but my budget for the bike was low and I needed to replace the chain, sprockets and back brake pads. Luckily it’s a Ducati which is Italian for “Affordable Motorcycle Parts”. 
John at Destination Cycles in town is a friend of mine and attends Venue so I asked him what he thought of Ducatis before I purchased mine. 
“Well,” he said thoughtfully, “I admire anybody with the courage to pay $900 for a $50 part and wait sixteen weeks for it to get here:)”
Needless to say he had me at “courage”. I’m very courageous. 
Ten cent glue it was! Not the most expensive haircut yet. 
After three or four complex gluings (I do enjoy skin in the game in the most literal sense) I thought I could limp by until next year. 
The trouble was that when the Venue boys picked up my bike to set on stage someone probably lightly touched the tail assembly and I went home from church with another piece in my pocket. 
I gave up and ordered a new tail tidy from the US. $380 after customs decided I wasn’t in enough pain. Expensive haircut. 
Oh, having a limited edition is amazing until you have to fix something. And a limited edition Ducati is like stabbing yourself in the foot then stepping on it with your other foot because you are THAT courageous (thanks John). 
I had a cash card from a place in Calgary that I needed to use up, so I ordered a chain and sprockets thinking “How much could they be?”, famous last words. 
Turns out the AFTERMARKET CHAIN is somehow still $150, while the aftermarket sprockets were reasonably priced which didn’t matter because the rear one needed an adaptor which cost twice what the cheap sprocket cost anyways. 
I don’t bleed much ladies and gentlemen, but I bled when I entered it into my Goodbudget App that day. I bled even more the next Sunday I saw John who was surprisingly unsympathetic when his eyes said he told me so. 
My Post Production guy Tyler has a Honda and said he needed to do the chain later that day. 
“How much?” I made the mistake of asking…
“$30?” he said. 
I just glared. 
I was stewing in my repair costs with the Venue Pre Production gentlemen (used loosely) called Edwards (his first name is Aaron but my wife’s name is Erin and he refuses to legally change his name so I deemed Venue call him Edwards until he has a change of heart) and he said “You’ve just never had an expensive hobby!” with a smirk, “Try snowmobiles!”
Ironically he only rides Ducatis and mentally suggested I switch over (I’m very suggestible when it’s something I already want:). 
He was probably tired of having no one to commiserate pricey bike repairs with…

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