Buck Lake!

Our family recently travelled to Buck Lake to stay in a mansion for a couple of nights. 
With these travel restrictions I think we’re all going a little nutty and missing the natural change of scenery we are accustomed to and it’s adding unnecessary pressure on our lives that is quite risky for family, marriage, and mental health. 
We needed to get away where we didn’t have to hear the word covid and have a little fun!
There was a movie room!A pool table!A ping pong table!Heck, there was even an indoor pool you could swim laps in because the pumps pushed water against you!
Living in the lap of luxury was good for the soul. We even watched idiots drive trucks and snowmobiles out on the lake and ice fish! If fishing doesn’t make sense to me, ice fishing certainly doesn’t. 
When I worked in industry the boys were always bragging up how much they loved fishing, though in retrospect I believe ridiculous amounts of alcohol were what they were really talking about. I said one time “Sounds relaxing?” (Fishing, not alcohol), “Maybe I should try it?”
Kelly responded with a smirk “YOU??? You’re the least patient person we know! You’d hate fishing!”They weren’t wrong. 
I’ve fished a grand total of twice in my life. Once as a child in the Pacific off the coast of California. Not a great memory as my brother was allowed to drive the boat and hit three waves broadside, lifting me off my feet and dropping my chin onto the top of a very sharp windshield. Did I catch a fish? No idea, but I have a cool scar now..
My last fishing experience was with a friend in Cuba. I caught a beautiful translucent blue fish my second cast and started thinking “Hey, maybe this isn’t so bad?”. Then I spent an hour and caught nothing which was the longest hour of my life. 
Granted, some pro Cubans were bait fishing and the largest pelican you’ve ever seen swooped in after the school of tiny fish and ate the hook. Very embarrassed Cubans reeled this giant bird in, held it down and released it. Apparently catching a pelican isn’t the point, but I thought it was amazing. 
But anything in Cuba with the hot sun and sea is! 
Ice fishing? Yuck!!! 
We only donned parkas once and walked thirty yards to the water before turning back and warming up inside. Even that was a waste of time. People who volunteer themselves for cold weather duty and fish on a lake of ice need a mental exam in my opinion. My buddy Dustin for instance… something wrong with his head!
We ate too much, but Erin and I actually exercised more because even the treadmill was cool! It had a screen that looked like you were running in Hawaii, so exercise felt better than the moment by moment wishing-you-could-breathe-and-your-legs-didn’t-hurt of my boring treadmill experiences in my basement. 
My personal treadmill trainer’s voice was turned off after about the one minute mark where he carefully explained we might see a mongoose, but the the plural for mongoose was NOT “Mongeese”. Thanks buddy. 
Dude was in shape but not the brightest, which is why I resist getting in perfect shape because it might destroy brain cells (cough cough). 
That and my treadmill doesn’t take me to Hawaii…
All in all it was great and I would highly recommend turning off the news and living life with a little fun! 
Who knows? Maybe everything we’re hearing about the apocalypse isn’t as real as it seems on a screen:)

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