Highly Evolved

Men are so great. 
I know I have to push past society’s deal where we’re not allowed to celebrate men because of the infamous deeds of some, and no one would bring a backlash if I’d titled this Women are Great except my wife who would be like “womEn or womAn???” (and rightly so). 
We live in the society of the underdog with undercurrents of fairness and equality, which can swing too far into “Hey, I want credit for doing nothing and being mediocre!!! Someone call me special quick or I’ll cry!”. 
Another reason men are great, we’re not even allowed to cry:)
If you had a good dad you probably don’t find it threatening to joke around about men and their quirks because you saw and experienced the safety and greenhouse effect when there’s a good man in the house who wasn’t interested in being your besty because he was too busy being your dad.  
My dad is great. He’s definitely a good man but good men rarely tolerate idiocy. Another reason men are great. Sure he’s not overly in touch with his emotions, but his generation didn’t have a whole lot of time for (largely) pointless navel gazing when they were kids, they had chores to do so their siblings didn’t die that winter. 
I asked him one time “Dad, don’t you feel like you kinda missed out on your childhood?” 
“Naw” he replied “I like work!”
NOBODY likes that kind of work unless they decide to, but that’s why men are great too. 
When men rise up, everything in home and society get better. Oh, I don’t mean rise up and order everybody around, I mean rise up, take responsibility and LEAD. 
My dad led by his eyebrow. I could always tell I was nearing thin ice by watching it lift slightly from across the room. He could, with an eyebrow raise cause deep reflection on my life choices and their consequences. 
“Getting lippy with your mother son? Perhaps you’d like to move to a different home where things like that are funny?”
He never said it but his eyebrow was thinkin it. 
I live in a home with my wife and four daughters which is great, but there are definitely days where I feel like the psychologist who’s not getting paid and not any good. Just the other day when two of my girls were fighting over whose socks or something belonged to whom I, after forty seven sentences trying to discern what the issue was (or even IF an issue was), finally raised my locker room voice and said:
“If I hear any more about socks (or whatever), I’m putting everybody’s socks (or whatever) into a box and throwing them out!!!!”
I’d never do that of course because I’m not going into their rooms unless by complete accident because their rooms are a scary nightmare. 
Watch young boys interact with each other and then watch young girls. The major difference in what I’ve seen is that girls use a lot of english words and boys make movie soundtrack noises and grunt occasionally. 
We can communicate more in a grunt or lift of the eyebrow than my girls can in a million sentences. It’s not because we’re cavemen, it’s because we’re highly evolved societal geniuses. 
We must be connected on an incredibly deep emotional level? Why use mere words that complicate and may lead to more words when a simple grunt will do? We may have evolved past the need for words (cough cough). 
I bought a sauna for $200 in Calgary that didn’t work so I naturally thought “How hard could fixing it be?” (famous last words), so I called up my buddy Chad to help me truck it home. 
We maybe used a grand total of ten words to move it out of a basement with a weird staircase in south Calgary, load it on a truck, get it back in a traffic jam, and load it into my basement walkout. 
Ten words ya’ll! 
We’ve never moved a sauna before, but then again we’ve maybe never moved anything together before but we’re both trades guys. We’ve moved ten thousand things ten thousand times and this was just one more. 
We did chat, but it was mostly trash talk like “Geez Chad, feels like I’m doin all the lifting here”. We talked church and personnel because he’s a team lead, but we didn’t need to talk about the actual job we were doing. 
Then I had my admin staff over the next morning and made the huge error of asking Erin my wife and Crystal and Renee to take “five minutes” (everything to a guy takes five minutes) and put my sauna together. 
Oh. My. Goodness. 
I used all my sentences up quick. My frustration levels were rising as these particular ladies are literally amazing at so much, but not putting a sauna together because they don’t speak GRUNT.  
I took turns with each of them hoping they’d be able to just grab a wall and move it by reading my mind, or just start walking it where it needed to go, but they would get a grip on a sauna wall and awkwardly stand there awaiting instructions in english. 
Little did they know guys don’t read instructions… Instructions are what people make losers read for punishment. I’m a winner. 
I also make Erin ask for directions because I don’t want to. I’m busy getting wherever we’re going too fast to care if we’re going to the right place or not. Again, highly evolved. 
Fun aside, my dad could also take a crisis, chuckle once to himself quietly and diffuse it for the whole family. If you tried to push him too far he would just look at you, blink slowly then get on with his life and mentally suggest you do the same. 
I find young men now a little too dramatic. If I’m honest I think girls are allowed to celebrate being a girl, but the natural tendency is to make men try to be more like them so they have similar company. In the end I think we really each needed to be who God wanted us to be and appreciate the other. I’m not saying men aren’t emotional, but we have to grow up and get past entitlement and into making solid non emotional decisions for things to actually work the way they should. 
When I think of the type of young man I want my daughters to marry it’s more along the lines of someone who answers to his God first, his conscience next, and the government sometime later. Men who don’t watch the news too much and gossip on FB about trivial things, or get worked up about tiny issues that would go away if they had some real purpose in their lives. 
Men who are stable and daring, who would risk life and limb defending their homes and laugh in the face of fear when everyone around them is retreating. 
Men who don’t always have to use english to explain what they’re feeling to everyone else’s satisfaction. 
Men who’d rather do what’s right by them more than appear sensitive. 
Men who (gasp) have the guts to hold people’s feet to the fire if it’s for their own good. 
Like my dad did. He spoke GRUNT but he spoke it well. 

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