It’s a Joy to Shovel

For some reason I thought I’d have to shovel snow forever because I only had daughters? 
Before you ladies lash out and give me the “equal rights” speech, keep in mind I live with five of your kind and have heard it all before. Personally I would love to give up any rights if someone else wanted to shovel the driveway for me. 
Also it might be noted some people hide behind outrage when people do nice things like hold the door open for them because they don’t want to say what they ought to… “Thanks!”. “But they’re saying I’m weak and can’t open the door for myself!!!” 
Look, if a guy actually has the conscious thought to hold the door for you it’s best to take the win and encourage more of that sort of thing (conscious male thought). Besides, if we thought you were too weak to open the door it wouldn’t make sense to our brains anyway, you’d have had to open several doors before you even got to the door we happened to be going through. 
Neela is my youngest and presented me with an option that I recently took: “Dad! I need to make more MONEY! Tell you what, I’ll shovel the snow if you give me 50 cents every time?” Very clever because I don’t want to stop her drive or entrepreneurial spirit, and her number was just the right amount to keep me from taking advantage of a child slave that technically belongs to me or swinging too far in the other direction where it’s more than I want to pay (I have an Irish mom and Dutch dad). 
A deal was struck. 50 cents per time no matter how much snow. 
It’s snowing right now but I’m loving it because Neela will walk home from school very enthusiastic to shovel the snow, just like she did before school. 
But I’ve found that one has to be careful when they’re shovelling that one doesn’t decide they hate it. Some people don’t have snow to shovel in many countries of the world, but they also don’t live in the abundance of Canada. 
Travel abroad to poorer nations and see what you’d trade shovelling snow for? I have many times. 
My dad grew up on the farm and shovelled a lot of other stuff.
You don’t have to shovel if you don’t have animals that work for you and feed you. The bible says “Where no oxen are the stable is clean, but much increase comes from the strength of the ox”. We pray for a spouse then lose hope when we have to shovel behind their weaknesses. 
We are desperate for children but then complain about having to clean behind their cute little ears.
We eat food and complain about washing dishes. 
God in heaven must really amuse himself watching us scurry about and lose focus of what really matters. 
A pastor in our organization put 2020 in perspective…
“It’s a joy to shovel”
Your kid was exposed to someone exposed to covid eight days ago and has been going to school with everyone the whole time, but now has to quarantine for six days. 
It’s a joy to shovel. At least you have a child and they have a school. 
Your marriage is under stress because you see each other too much right now. 
It’s a joy to shovel.At least you know where the problems are now rather than ignoring them with too much on the calendar. 
Your finances are tight. 
It’s a joy to shovel. There’s never a better time for a reset than when it’s tight. It’s not what you make anyways, it’s what you spend.You feel hopeless and worried about your loved ones. 
It’s a joy to shovel. Many are turning back to the religion of their grandparents. Turned out they weren’t “unevolved simple people needing a crutch because they were weak”, maybe they found courage to ask real questions during struggles you can’t even imagine?
You feel discouraged about the state of the world and people’s lack of wisdom and compassion. 
It’s a joy to shovel. Why not spend your life trying to do something that helps others instead of helping yourself?
It’s a joy to shovel for Neela and I have great joy watching her. She’s learning that having to work for a blessing is a good thing. Now when she gets married and he grabs the shovel first she’ll think “That’s nice of him! Shovelling is hard work!”, not “I’m a princess who deserves this!”. 
My childhood was ideal in that our family was incredible, but my childhood in other areas was harder than most people could imagine. 
It’s a joy to shovel. Why would I say this? Because I never expected life to be easy and now I see that this mentality turned into a gift.
I try to smile and whistle when I shovel. It never occurred to me there’d be nothing to shovel. 
I smile when I go off to battle the world outside to feed my family. It’s a joy to shovel. 
I smile when people whose marriage I helped save leave my church and go somewhere else and say nasty things about me with their not-divorced spouse.It’s a joy to shovel. 
I smiled when Venue did Airdrie Easter Drive Through on a big screen and people told us to socially distance our cars (covid is terrible for cars). It’s a joy to shovel. 
I smile when government and health care try and take up the mantle of religion to speed up the process when all it does is turn wisdom issues into moral ones because they don’t want anyone to evaluate their decisions. People who take that shortcut cross A line that finishes them, but not THE finish line. But it’s a joy to shovel. 
Months ago I smiled and stopped watching the news invent fourteen million more ways of saying “Wash your dang hands!” Got it. Don’t lick people’s eyeballs anymore and wash my hands. I’m not an idiot. It’s a joy to shovel. 
I laugh when covid says it can destroy human life as we know it. It’s a joy to shovel. 
Of all the famines, wars, genocides and persecutions our ancestors have shovelled, I’d hate to face them in the next life when they asked what we shovelled that all the bother was really about…

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