I Would Miss Trump

Now to be clear I only on occasion call Trump Trump and not “Mr Trump” or “President Trump” because he’s not MY president. I’m Canadian.
I’m a bit old school when it comes to honouring those in authority and never refer to Premier Kenney as anything less than Mr. I need to honour him whether I agree with him or not because I can only reap what I sow. Respect and complete compliance is a different conversation however, but I’m decently sure Mr Kenney would agree. 
As I write this it is Nov 5 and the swing state votes are still being counted. I’m certainly no expert, but it does appear that Mr Biden is out in front unless Trump can pull out another socially engineered miracle. 
His rise to power signifies an end to an era and beginning of another one. We used to think that very reasonable and responsible people are who we as people desired to rule over us, but it’s been quite clear for some time that that is no longer the case. 
We desire drama far more than results from government. I could say more but must respectfully decline… 
Granted I used to think very smart people sitting in a well lit room would handle our current covid madness, but have had enough time to change my mind about that as well. Now I’m more on the side of well “lit” people in a room made a lot of decisions and rules that seemed many times to contradict each other (test negative with an accurate test we sold you but stay home anyways / the Essential stamp means you only need to watch your symptoms because non essentials could never be trusted to do that / Essentials are whoever we say they are:) and assume that we’re not actually reasonable adults that want covid to stop and therefore require hall monitors who can shut down our businesses and homes and churches and other charities and bankrupt us if we even look like we’re running in the hallway. 
For our own good of course… would hate to skin a knee to escape a non covid-related fire. 
My grandfather came to Canada from the Ukraine to get away from people making decisions for his own good that looked a lot like people flexing their muscle. 
Deeper issues and confusing in America, but there’s a difference between well meaning people and well meaning people who can actually run a country in a crisis without keeping everybody safe from the fire by drowning them, particularly when they sell the water. (Autocorrect changed “Canada” to “America”. Apologies) 
Don’t get me wrong, there was no template for any of this and I’d have no idea what to do even though I talk like I do, but seeing the WAY a society was moved also very clearly showed us that times have changed. 
Common decency be damned, whoever controls the media is what matters now! First rule of thumb? Tell them only your channel can be trusted and everybody with different information is out to get them!
I still have no idea how wearing a mask is a sin against freedom or not wearing one is a hate crime against humanity. 
It’s just a piece of cloth, but let’s make it a moral issue so people do what we want them to and aren’t allowed to evaluate our decisions!  
It’s like religious people used to do by telling their kids God hated rock and roll because they didn’t happen to like it, rather than expend the energy to see if perhaps a particular song was as dangerous as all that? Once you cross the god-line it’s hard to go back to admitting you’re only human after all. 
It’s only rock and roll people, but we liked it! God does hate some things but I could never find rock and roll on that list and am decently certain the 11th commandment wasn’t “THOU SHALL/ SHALT NOT WEAR A MASK”. It’s a wisdom issue, not a moral one. 
Common sense is not so common anymore but I do worry that when rules are amended without so much as an apology for the ones that were both unnecessary and costly we’ve lost accountability to something higher than whatever decisions we happen to be backing in the moment. 
This is called a shifting morality and is neither logical, responsible, scientific, or… well… MORAL. 
Morality used to belong in the realm of religion but now governments and other organizations have decided they’d like that mantle and that’s when things start to get scary. Worship of God used to be the only thing commanding obedience without oversight of human flaws, but if you can get your two year old to worship you it’s much easier until they get to around seven and realize mom is definitely not God. 
Funny how Oil and Gas would never be given the kind of moral leeway other things have found they now have, even though it technically keeps kids alive by feeding them? 
Trump showed us nations are no longer moved by what they used to be. It started some presidents ago when personal immorality slid into the booth at the table as if it had nothing to do with leading a nation. 
But I will miss Trump because I love ridiculous drama. It keeps me from having to focus on my own problems which are boring and would require energy to fix. 
“Shock me. Amaze me. Juggle something with your feet! Just keep my brain from having to engage in anything as confusing as feeling sad or asking questions that matter!”
My grandfather knew to dig down to the motives behind the message. 
There has always been one fatal flaw that the movers behind nations needed to overcome, and that was how to get one message in front of people a million times. Reworded in the beginning, of course, because people need to be told they’re very smart and original for the first while. 
Fatal flaw removed! We have TV and internet! 
I’m decently good at talking people into things. I’ll bet a hundred dollars I could take a flawed concept and get you somewhat on board if I could talk to you a grand total of ten times. 
I’d go so far to say that I could get you to agree with an immoral “moral” concept if I had ten bites at the apple and I didn’t have God to smack me or my mom. I have a gift for talking but I can use it to whatever end is allowed. Imagine being able to put the same message in front of you a thousand times? Ten thousand? Or did we think the Germans under Hitler weren’t smart? (Have you ever met Germans? They’re smart like my daughter Katie and that’s scary, but nobody is smarter than the message they listen to).
I’ve always had to surround myself even from childhood with people who cared more about truth than my feelings. (By “I’ve always had to” I mean my folks decided for me that I would have people around me who were neither afraid of me or thought I was that clever.) 
I might be the president of the directors board at Venue, but if I do certain things my own board can vote me out. (Certain things don’t include what colour shirt I wear or whether I preach a sermon they don’t happen to like.)
I wrote that into our constitution. Why? Because there are higher things that must be answered to and I’m human like everyone else. 
I’m not sure Mr Trump knows that. I think he went beyond embracing his flaws to enjoying them, which every person of influence is tempted to do. 
But he was the greatest showman for a long time and if he hasn’t sued voters in Nevada and declared himself the sun god Pharaoh…
He will be missed, but I’m decently sure (pun intended) our TVs haven’t seen the last of him. 
Oh and LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT! might be hiring Republicans now… (on account of 90% of their Trump jokes being obsolete). 

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