The God Complex

I think we think we’re God sometimes…
We pat ourselves on the back for how wise and all knowing we are (internet), we have a good moment parenting, we experience love, we wake up early and exercise before the sun comes up (theoretically), but we forget sometimes that seeing something or experiencing something is not nearly the same thing as creating something in the first place. 
God blesses us with children we think we somehow created, when it was more like we donated something to a project that produced a miracle. We forget that the real head blower-upper is that we can’t truly create something from nothing. 
One miracle plus another miracle producing a further miracle might be a more accurate thought, if it does demand a certain grudging respect from us. 
I wake before the sun comes up to enjoy it and feel very proud of myself, but that’s not quite on the same level as creating a sun to come up in the first place and disciplining it to do it every day. The bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. 
I’m not seeing much fear and wonder of God these days… 
Then because we’re human we complain when the world is broken and blame God. 
If I was God I’d be like “I didn’t break the world dude!! I gave you a bike and told you not to ride it off a cliff!” 
Having all the power in the universe is often misunderstood by people. God in his power made a paradise and handed it to us and said “Here’s a gift. Don’t break it!” But we did because a gift is not a gift if you don’t give it away, oh and we have a this thing called choice. We’re angry when choices have consequences but I have yet to hear someone say “God take away my ability to choose for myself!!”
We’re angry when other’s choices affect us negatively and say it’s not fair, and angry when people get mad when ours do the same to them and feel like that’s not fair either!
Sure I’m more “powerful” than my eighteen year old daughter, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to leave my home and make her own decisions one day. She has a choice that is part of God’s gift to her. My power has nothing to do with her choices. We just have an aversion to taking responsibility for our race (human). 
“Hi God, thanks for all your stuff but we don’t need you anymore.” We follow this trend to its inevitable emptiness and/or brokenness and then blame God for not using his power to stop us from hurting ourselves??
We’re very weird and not a little petty. 
I’m preaching a series about family and recently decided to take on Practical Parenting. The weight of raising a child without completely messing them up is a heavy thing, particularly when we’re so cavalier as to think we can succeed with a grand total of zero training hours under our belt. 
Those of us with good parents are lucky because we were enrolled involuntarily in an apprenticeship in how to raise a family well, but imagine a Surgeon without Surgeon parents making life and death decisions when they haven’t been to medical school? 
Watching a good parent from afar and thinking it equates to actual training would be like watching a tiny monitor of a Surgeon several moments of the day move about purposefully “doing things” and then operating on your own children with sharp objects when you think they need it. 
Most of us didn’t come from healthy families at all, we just thought they were normal until we went to school and found out that wasn’t the case. 
Common thinking in people I talk to before, and in the early stages of parenting, is this: “I’ll just do the opposite of why my dad did because that will definitely work.”
It won’t. 
The opposite of bad parenting is not good parenting, it’s just another way to badly parent. 
There are a thousand ways to perform surgery, but only a few that get the desired result. 
There are a thousand ways to raise a child, but only a handful of successful discipline/ reward techniques that actually work. The opposite of #337 might be #674, but it’s still not the right answer. 
All that to say I’m still absolutely shocked at our human arrogance to think we can see the future and handle it. Has 2020 taught us nothing at all with the removal of all control as we floundered about trying to deal with a crisis I’m not certain was nearly as bad as the botched surgery we attempted on it?
Did we get the cancer? Yep! Did we cut out a whole bunch of other body parts that would have been handy to have in the future? Yep! But we got the cancer:)
Did we put the fire out? Yep! We had to drown the town to do it, but we got the fire out alright:)
I do hope history does not remember us as kindly as we want it to… 
It’s not that different from parenting. It’s easy to see that we didn’t get things right, but it’s only easy after the fact when your kids are teenagers. This is not me ranting about our ridiculous decision making during this time of plague because I can’t see the future either, this is me making a point about trying to raise a family when mom or dad has a God-Complex. 
You don’t know the future so stop pretending. You don’t really understand the heart of a child so stop pretending you do. You don’t really understand yourself so stop trying to tell everyone how to treat you all the time as if you know how they should. 
I think a nation who sings “God keep our land glorious and free” was a bit hypocritical when, over the years, we decided if we were smart and diligent enough to sow seed and reap a bounty that we didn’t need to answer to God who made it from nothing in the first place. Time to go back to basics.
We are not God. Oh my goodness we are not! I put on my underwear the other day in the dark and got them backwards. I could feel like something wasn’t quite right but needed a bit of light to know for sure. 
My other option, of course, was to leave the light off so my wife wouldn’t make fun of me, cover it with a pair of pants and hope it didn’t come up in conversation ever again, 
But I chose to bite the bullet, turn the light on, fix the actual problem, and provide a little amusement to my wife who already knew she lived with an idiot… 

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