Ailish is Great

Ailish is my second daughter and Ailish is great. 
This should sum up her competence for you…
Venue Church is three and a half years old. For the first couple of years I would write up the service orders and other things and send them out until one day I delegated it to her. From that moment on there were no more mistakes. Like EVER. 
The funny thing is, I can’t even remember what I delegated to her because I never had another thought about it again. 
Some things you delegate to people you end up handling more than just doing it yourself, but once she checks a box it stays checked. 
She is kind and extremely thoughtful. One of her early school teachers said “She can’t pass me in the hall without complimenting me in some way”. 
Her life is a complementary one, and that’s a high compliment. 
She might not rule the world, but she will be the oil in the machine that keeps relationships and tasks rolling along nicely. Ruling the world might not be that fun either (have you ever met PEOPLE?), but that’s not what she aspires to. She’s a perfectionist and that is always close to my heart. 
She recently started dipping her feet into our stage lighting programs for Sunday morning worship and just last week created a song by herself when the lighting tech was on holidays from her laptop. 
She programmed the movers, colours and parameters and lined it all up to the beat of the song. 
And it looked terrific. 
I was tired after church Sunday and wanted to pick up an A/C unit someone was giving away on FB marketplace knowing it was probably a lost cause but also knowing I just needed a mechanical problem to monkey around with for an hour or two. 
“Anyone want to come with me?”
Ailish did. Did she get a drink from Starbucks from dad? I always go to Starbucks on my way to places so yes. 
We had a lovely time driving through the downtown of Calgary and chatting about whatever we saw. She’s a rule follower and comes along for the ride when dad pulls into a random parking lot to steal power to see if the A/C was a lemon or not. 
“Dad, are we allowed to?” 
The answer is always “Until someone tells us not to, but we’ll be fast:)”.
Was it a lemon? Yes. But I nearly got it working. I think the ride with Ailish was the point of the afternoon anyways..
She has the gift of common sense. I honestly think her head is more right about the whole pandemic thing than most adults I’ve talked to, and I’m not sure how much credit I deserve for that. She might have landed on her feet without me, and I couldn’t be happier. 
Ailish is one of those people who need protection though. Some people get all insecure when they need protection, but she’s wise enough to know that about herself and not resent either herself or others for it. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to protect someone who needs and hates it. 
She is soft but not weak. Her strength is that she takes excellence personally and holds it above her emotions and fears, and people that do that find ways to overcome. 
When she was little she could get a little cranky with a “NO!!!” default until we figured out she just needed to go to her room and recharge for awhile. She turned sweet sixteen and already knows when her tank is getting empty and does it for herself now. Heck, I know forty six year olds who don’t know when to go to their rooms!!
She will one day have her selection of careers, Venue being one of them, because she finds ways to make herself indispensable. People like that rarely have to look for work. When the boss thinks of people like her, it always puts a smile on their face and they automatically think of the four hundred things they do that no one else can and the next thought is “I hope she never quits!”
We like the same sorts of movies and have common ground there. We laugh a lot together and she brings out the “Dad just said something shockingly funny” side of me. There’s no quiet judgement against and she accepts who a flawed person is without making excuses for them. That’s invaluable. 
Katie (girl three) is her kryptonite. Katie figured out how to push Ailish’s buttons when she was about two, but I haven’t heard them fight too much lately and that’s a blessing. Maybe they’ve figured out how to do that out of earshot and that would be a blessing too:)
Girls like Ailish are often insecure and have trouble stepping out, but I’ve always challenged her. Sometimes the best leaders aren’t the ones initially attracted to the stage or to conflict, lots of psychos out there who love the attention too, but Ailish has no problem inviting kids at school to church and they come all the time now, even if it could be said the music is loud and the lights are…
Really really cool!

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